Microsoft in $20bn Yahoo deal

Business.timesonline writes:

SOFTWARE giant Microsoft is in talks to acquire Yahoo's online search business for $20 billion (£13 billion).

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TrevorPhillips3491d ago

Holy cow that's a lot of money

vitz33491d ago

Yep, it's about time to cancel my Yahoo account and move on.

SaiyanFury3490d ago

Didn't Yahoo already turn them down twice earlier this year?

IzKyD13313491d ago

Whats the point? Yahoo is failing and Live search is failing, no matter what happens, both will still get their asses handed to them by google

El_Colombiano3491d ago

Its better to get single handedly owned as a team than by yourself?

I do not understand your logic Microsoft...

Eiffel3490d ago

I don't know...Yahoo Answers is pretty damn handy...

TrevorPhillips3491d ago

Microsoft wasting there money on yahoo not worth the deal maybe they should keep there money and spend it more on the 360's RROD

JasonPC360PS3Wii3490d ago

What does MS and Yahoo have to do with (been fixed) RROD?

TrevorPhillips3491d ago

yea thanxs for reminding me i also have a yahoo account and going to remove it thanxs for reminding me

DJ3491d ago

But it's pretty much neglected compared to my Gmail. Microsoft's just wasting their money yet again; why not invest in their core services? $20 million can go a LONG ways.

DiabloRising3491d ago

So does that mean I need to listen to pro MS bullsh1t from Viacom companies, CNET and Yahoo too now?

Nice. Just label it "Micronet" already and be done with it.

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The story is too old to be commented.