Black Mesa - Official Trailer

The talented team behind Black Mesa published the official trailer from the complete re-creation of the game Half-Life. Enjoy.

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omni_atlas2860d ago

I thought this mod would never see the light of the day. Finally.

lsujester2860d ago

I just blew a load in my pants......

psnDevistator3562859d ago

I thought this mod was dead but then I see this crazy trailer that looks like valve quality.

I'm so up to play this MOD!!!

trancefreak2860d ago

ya man i know that was bad azz i wonder how deep the game goes in comparison too the original hlf 1.

BlackIceJoe2860d ago

Thanks for the video link omni_atlas. Black Mesa really looks great. I can't wait to try out this mod.

Bnet3432860d ago

OMFG!! Yes!!! I've been following this mod for years! search youtube for black mesa source theme. I uploaded it and got 100,000+ views :D

trancefreak2860d ago

i feel im part of the half life cult spent countless hours playing the series :)

Timesplitter142860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

I can't wait!!!!!

It actually looks better than most modern FPS!

BlackIceJoe2860d ago

I wonder if Valve will take notice of this mod team and bring them on board like Valve has done in the past. I want this mod team to get the credit they deserve. So they get bought out they can do many more games like this would be great.

TheIneffableBob2860d ago

I don't think Valve will hire them. They're making an impressive mod, but it's basically a remake of Half-Life 1.

Bolts2859d ago

These guys are not that great. They're merely making carbon copy of an old Valve game. Its not like they made Insurgency or something, now that is a great mod.

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The story is too old to be commented.