LittleBigPlanet "Play, Create, Share" scores returning soon

News that the "Play, Create, Share" scoring system will be reactivated soon enough, since it was de-activated for a long while, leaving folks wondering why.

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Johnny Rotten3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

"although whether or not it will backwardly add all your previous scores for time spent playing, creating and sharing looks pretty unlikely".

People on the LittleBigWorkshop forums are saying they got the trophy so it's likely your stats will be retro-active somehow. Remember you have to complete 150 levels to the end, not just play them.

cheers to Sam for being in touch with the community!

Bubble Buddy3492d ago

Finally. Now I can keep track how much more levels I need to play. I just need the Create and Share trophies left. :). Cheers.

darkdoom30003491d ago

i was wondering why mine always stayed on 0.

nos4speed3491d ago

Because you suck!!! haha no im just jesting, I hope they are retroactive, its hard enough trying to get 50 people to play my levels so i dont wana start from 0 again. :D

Are_The_MaDNess3491d ago

they r i think
at least it was in the BETA lol

PirateThom3491d ago

Highest rated exclusive game on the HD Consoles.

If it's failed, so has everything on 360.

littleBIGfail3491d ago

You should go into politics ;-)

Magic_The_Celt3491d ago

^^ not a spin, its fact, and he's right.

You fail, at life.

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