Is Blockbuster the PS3's Answer to Netflix?

SONY and Blockbuster have some history together already. You may recall that Blockbuster was one of the first retailers in North America that they were going to be supporting on a much bigger scale than HD DVD. That announcement really got the ball rolling in Blu-ray's favor at the time.

Now comes word from Blockbuster that in the wake of their launch of Blockbuster OnDemand that they are actively seeking a partnership with Blu-ray player manufacturers. With Samsung and LG already in Netflix's corner, could this lead Blockbuster to seek out SONY as a BD player/game console entry into the market?

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SWANN3491d ago

Jack shyt ,that's who.

ravinshield3490d ago

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shqype3491d ago

This is great news, and I seriously hope it materializes. I've been a fan of Blockbuster Online, which is a much better service than Netflix. Why, do you ask? Because while Netflix offers you 3 movies at a time, so does Blockbuster; but the difference is I can exchange each of those mailers for a free in-store rental, which pretty much translates into 6 movies at a time for me. PLUS, every month I get a coupon that allows me to rent a PS3 game for free.

So I get 3 movies at a time, a free rental each time I trade in my Blockbuster online mailer in the store, and a free PS3 game rental every month, while Netflix can only offer me 3 movies at a time.

The higher value is definitely with Blockbuster, and if they enhance their service by offering it on the PS3, things will only get better!

Parapraxis3491d ago

Is the content on Blockbuster OnDemand newer? the listed movies in the article are pretty recent.
If this pans out Sony would be quite well positioned to counter the 360's movie offerings. BD and OnDemand, hell yes.

Doppy3491d ago

I only use Netflix for foreign movies, because we usually buy the movies as soon as they come out or record them with DVR.

So does Blockbuster Online allow you to rent foreign films?

If so then I'm sold.

TruEve3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

As a former BB employee I can attest to the fact that BB Total Access (including in-store exchanges, e-coupons, and ondemand movies) is a better value with greater range than Netflix. Netflix on XBL is cool, but I'm a happy BB customer and don't need it. If Sony partners with BB then I can further put use to my subscription. That would be really awesome and extend PSN's video service. Next is music :P...

EDIT: For those wondering, BB has a large number of foreign films (as they do every other genre). The website is aesthetically pleasing, intuitive, and you can rent/buy/download movies :).

Bubble Buddy3491d ago

This will be great if it does happen, but Blockbuster's "No Late Fees" was BS. :P

Elimin83491d ago

I feel dizzy... Maybe it's this pinot grigio.....

ultimolu3491d ago

I agree. It's an excellent move.

Bnet3433491d ago

So now this marks the beginning of Netflix vs. Blockbuster articles on N4G everyday. *bangs head on desk repeatedly*

mikeslemonade3491d ago

I don't think it's healthy for the PS3 to massively advertise video rentals. They should focus primarily on blu-ray. Microsoft's vision is digital downloads so they are in a completely different situation.

Mayle3491d ago

Blockbuster ON demand is pretty much the same thing as the current video store. You would still have to pay for each download. The pay-per-view pricing differs from Netflix's "instant watching" service, which gives unlimited access to a library to any subscriber paying at least $8.99 per month for a DVD rental plan. The only problem with netflix is that besides the tv shows it only has year old movies at best

jaysquared3491d ago

I knew Sony and its engineers couldn't wait til NXE came out so that they can find what they will copy next on the 360. But good luck getting a rental video service Sony only took almost 2 years to have ingame XMB/trophies/background music working on their supercomputer/DVD player.

Mozilla893491d ago

So your comment makes no sense. A deal with blockbuster would only add another component.

Main_Street_Saint3491d ago

It's really great but there is only one problem; the nearest Blockbuster Video is like around 4 hours away. I live in Northern Maine, which is like a really rural area; we got Movie Gallery. Right now, I don't even use Netflix (anymore anyhow).

jaysquared3491d ago

The 360s video service was up way before the PS3 video service.

chasuk083491d ago

I think it would be stupid for sony to pass on this offer. They can then please everyone, and if Blu ray or Digital Downloads fail they are covered as they have both.

And to say sony should concentrate on Blu ray not digital downloads, they have a video store, so i dont see why they wouldnt extend the video service

prowiew3491d ago

I don't think Sony needs this. The service blockbuster will provide is different from netflix. Blockbuster service is the same ps3 and 360 has offering for a while. Is a pay per movie service. Its not unlimited. Now, if Sony manage to make a deal with them that offers unlimited service for a fixed price that includes new releases, that would be awesome.

acedoh3491d ago

If you go into Blockbusters you may notice they have a special PS3 kiosk displaying the advantages of a PS3 with Blu-ray. They also are advertising a special PS3 bundle offer. I realized that they already have a partnership and this would be a match made in heaven... I have had Blockbuster online over five years since the service began. It really is an excellent service...

As far as foreign movies they have a great selection available. I have discovered many excellent movies I would have ignored otherwise.

whoelse3490d ago

Also this could easily be used in Europe and the UK, unlike Netflix who are non-existent.

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MAR-TYR-DOM3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

I really dont give a rats ass you know why? Because for some god damn reason i still dont have my video store, while Americans down south have been enjoying it for a while now. I dont understand whats holding them back WE LIVE ON THE SAME CONTINENT it will take 20minute drive to buffalo and whalla i got the video store, but when i cross immigration back to Canada its gone! :(

n4gn4gn4gn4g3491d ago

has a MUCH greater chance of getting this along with the SONY Video Store roll out than Xbox users in Canada have of getting Netflix. You know...since Netflix doesn't even operate in Canada while BB does.

Parapraxis3491d ago

I'm a Canuck as well. I have been buying BDs but fully expect the Video Store to roll out in Canada soon. Licencing issues are most likely to blame and Sony should be approaching it to make content identical for all NA users, this is most likely why there is delay.
I'd like the option of downloading certain shows/movies, but if it's a show or film I really like I'll always buy a hard copy.

RememberThe3573491d ago

I was just about to bring up licensing. It's most likely the issue they're having at the moment.

It's not like Sony's sitting there laughing at you because you guys don't have the movie store. Thats potential retinue for them.

dboyxz3491d ago

RememberThe357 said

2.3 - Parapraxis
I was just about to bring up licensing. It's most likely the issue they're having at the moment.

It's not like Sony's sitting there laughing at you because you guys don't have the movie store. Thats potential retinue for them.

licensing issue = CRTC

It has been reported and confirmed that it is due to the process of approval by the CRTC. They are too slow to react. The CRTC is probably bugging them with % of Canadian content that nobody wants to watch anyway...

Parapraxis3491d ago

Hey dboyxz, there's actually a lot of good shows made in Canada. Trailer Park Boys, Kenny VS Spenny, The Mercer Report, This Hour has 22 Minutes, Just for Laughs, Hocky Night in Canada, The Hour, Kids in the Hall, SCTV, The Nature of Things, The Da Vinci Code, etc.
A lot of very good comedies, great documentaries and news on CBC, and some good dramas. With American TV, you have to sift through a fair amount of crap to find the quality content, most of the succesful shows that are made in Canada are a success because they are actually good.

GrandTheftZamboni3491d ago

How could you forget The Lexx and Corner Gas???

Rice3491d ago

I feel you guys, as a asian born canadian living in a multicultural enviroment where racism is no longer a word i have been waiting patiently for 2 things psn cards and the video store, i still dont know why the cant bring psn cards to Canada?

JoySticksFTW3491d ago

Boston Bruins fan here :)

I know... I know....

3490d ago
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elorm93491d ago

Why does PSN need blockbuster when there's already a video store available on it? If they wanted to, they could add their own subscription service.

Parapraxis3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

Sony needs to go through licencing for all content THEY put up on their PSN video store, whereas if they had BB as a partner BB would do all of the work for licencing the content they supply. So basically it makes it easier for Sony, more customers are happy and Sony and BB both profit.

RememberThe3573491d ago

Am I right in the thought that Sony's movie service is rental and buying, while this would just be rentals streaming to your tv set?

I mean you can kind of already do that through the movie store on the PSN, can't you?

Parapraxis3491d ago

Sound right. Although we have yet to know 100% how BBs service would fucntion on PS3 (if the rumour comes true at all).

Kleptic3491d ago

its what parapraxis said...its all the time and money involved with licensing the content for the PSN...

Sony does have a major foot in the door to the film industry compared to MS, as they own sever studios, and are partnered with several others...however its still tedious work thats expensive...

also, this is probably the main reason the video store is only in the US, as regional licensing is even more ridiculous...

but what is surprising is just how big the PSN video store is despite being just 4 months old...hundreds of rentals and several thousand pieces of content, and it grows by hundreds a week...lots of older movies, and almost all major new releases...

its also both rent and buy, HD and SD, depending on title...the only issues I have with it is the pricing, as most standard rentals are $3 for SD...which is simply too expensive for a 24 hour rental...some are cheaper, but based on studio (as sony owned content is cheaper; as expected), and not based on how old or new the movie is...

either way, it could stay the same, and I would be fine with that...I prefer BD anyway, as no streamed HD even comes close in quality overall...but for rentals, this is great for lazy nights where I don't feel like getting to the store...

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