Mikami: Gaming market should be more adventurous

Shinji Mikami, best known for his work on the Resident Evil series, was recently asked how the gaming industry has changed since he began working...

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Silogon3489d ago

"Although I partially agree with Mikami, there are a great deal of games that step outside the box and take risks. Super Mario Galaxy, for instance, is conventional in the sense that it is another Mario game, but the element of gravity is creative."

This guy is a complete and total idiot... I agree with Mikami 100% I'd also like to see if the guy who wrote the article thinks Ratchet & Clank going command did anything new for the industry since it was the 1st game to showcase that 3-d gravity Galaxy likes to tout so much... Only, Insomniac did it 7 years prior almost. I'm sure that was a revolution, though. Naaaahaahahah.

Same mechanics, only with a much better character and story and weapons. Not to mention 7 years earlier. This industry is full of idiots and hypocrites.