Kotaku Not The Only One Receiving The Mysterious F.E.A.R 2 Case

GameXtract writes "Recently Kotaku's writer Mike Fahey received a creepy letter in his mailbox contained a message, and a DVD. The DVD featured an amateur yet mysterious overweight man talking through a digital voice changer about the case above. The instruction were along the lines of to go fetch the case seen above from a storage unit, and to await for the next clue on the December the 5th that will unlock the three digit combination that currently keeps the case shut.

Until now Mike Fahey is reported to have been the only one with the case. The ended today when Youtube celebrity PhillyD more commonly known as SxePhil released a video titled F.E.A.R. 2 Case! ¡?? puno? ???? (SECRET). The video reveals that he too has received the viral marketing bait from the creepy overweight guy, along with the case. In the end we will still have to wait till December 5th to see what's hidden in the case. Dum Dum Dummm…"

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No Way3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

Haha. Alright, then. Pumped to see what it is. I'm lookin forward to F.E.A.R 2, so bring it on.

But, damn, if I was one of the guys that got that, I'd be super pissed. Cause, I wouldn't be able to open it.. I'd prolly break that bastard open. Ha.

Handsome_Devil3393d ago

it is feaking three digit combination lock

any one can open it easly,, it would take me a max of 10 min. and thats only if the first number of the comination would be like (7-9) other wise you can open it easy and fast.

xhi43393d ago

SXEPHILL from youtube got it too lol

jammy_703393d ago

a diamond case from far cry 2 :P:P:PP

outlawlife3393d ago

at the very least it is a cool marketing idea

buckethead_9113393d ago

I cant wait for FEAR 2, its going to be awesome :D

Jager3393d ago

FEAR 2 better have subtitles, if not, its a skip.

Bolts3393d ago

Yeah because as we all know, games without subtitles sucks....

cyclindk3393d ago

It's called C4, that'll open the baby right up...

Another One3393d ago

if some overweight (or any) guy gave me a brief case with a DVD telling me on Dec. 5th that I'd get a code to open it I'd throw that damn thing in the ocean.

All kidding aside, it'll probably be something cool. I guess we'll find out.

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