Wii leads the way on healthy Black Friday

Black Friday proved to be a relatively bright light in an economy largely characterized by dark, gloomy reports.
Overall, retail sales for the day after Thanksgiving were up 3 percent from the same day in 2007, with preliminary estimates putting total sales in the U.S. at $10.6 billion, according to Shoppertrak RCT. (Shoppertrak derives its retail benchmark from a wide range of categories, including consumer electronics, sporting goods, apparel, and general merchandise.)

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I Make Stuff Up3249d ago

What I find most interesting is that the 3rd placed item is a Blu-Ray player.
It would be interesting ti see how much momentum Blu is going to gain throughout this shopping season.

poindat3249d ago

Blu ray players were definitley selling. I went over to Fry's Electronics on Saturday and HD-Tvs and Blu ray players were flying out the door.

Bnet3433249d ago

A healthy Black Friday? Oxymoron of the year. I feel sorry for the old ladies that got punched and trampled I also feel sorry for that Walmart worker that died in the stampede.

mikeslemonade3249d ago

The 3% increase didn't take inflation into consideration.

FantasyStar3249d ago

You can't mix Black Friday and "healthy" in the same sentence without the words "chaos", "trampled", and "death".

Kyur4ThePain3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

Yes, while bad things happened, I think we should look at this news in the proper context - from a business standpoint, Black Friday seems to have been a lot better sales wise than feared. Unless you tell me you were in mourning all weekend and bought nothing.

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Death3249d ago

The sources are price grabber and ebay. These are about as useful as amazon rankings.


Kyur4ThePain3249d ago

While I kind of agree with you, it is interesting and could bode well for the accelerated adoption rate of Bly Ray.

Stoneroses63003248d ago

good to see nintendo dominating.

Gr813248d ago

Did you expect anything less at this point? All year They've been dominiating, it was only going to be furthered during the holidays.

SONYSLAVE3248d ago

yes true but too bad that the nintendo seal of quality went to a gold color to a sh!tty brown

quantity not quality lol