That Gaming Site: Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe Review

That Gaming Site writes: "Fighting games have become the new black this year, its high tide to put out the next installment of classic arcade fighters you once loved, but it's suddenly become a competition of who has the better gimmicks."

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raiden_933516d ago

Glad to see this is getting some good reviews. More people need to play it!

Elven63516d ago

No, more people should start buying it! :)

Nitrowolf23516d ago

i rented this today, along with 5 other mybe to buy games

raiden_933516d ago

what did you think? rent or buy?

Nitrowolf23516d ago

it is fun, but i not going to buy it. The story is a bit meh. I like some of the characters like flash and joker

Athlon3516d ago

If you go on before Monday, the game is only $39.99! I rented it and decided to buy it. Especially at that price, there aren't that many fighters in the coming months except Street Fighter IV in Feb 09 and Tekken in Christmas 09. Mine is in the mail. All I can say is Tekken better have photo realistic graphics when it comes out.