"Hi, I'm a PC gamer, and I play on an Apple."

Kit Blanke writes:

"PC gamers know, if you wanna game on a PC, you have to do it on Windows OS. Yes, there are notable exceptions. The different Linux flavors have a number of games that really aren't half bad, and Apple is starting to come around to some serious games. But there are always exceptions to the rule. Because of the iPhone, Apple is rewriting those rules."

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Kyur4ThePain3339d ago

You don't want to rock the boat too much.

Proxy3338d ago

I'm just fine with a few riveting games of minesweeper.

josh143993339d ago

im addicted to the apps on my iphone and i usually hate handheld games. i havnt bought much i usually play all the free stuff.

TheColbertinator3339d ago

The Iphone is ok for gaming.Needs a mascot though like Sonic or Mario but Apple has not yet made one.

Mutley4163338d ago

Really, will Apple`s play...
COD Series?
Gamers go where the games are... And Windows has them all.

Ohh and I really don`t know if Apple will play these games...

Fishy Fingers3338d ago

Ummm the author is talking about the iphone.

japanese_dawn3338d ago

Boot Camp = Windows, on iMac which is far better than Windows. That means, all apps including games available on iMac.

And yes, it's about iPhone not iMac... Mutley... -.-

Vecta3338d ago

Yeah, and unsurprisingly running 2 OS at the same time (what boot camp does) uses a lot of system resources up that are needed to play games...

If you want to game why buy an Apple PC to run windows when you can just buy a Windows PC.

xaviertooth3338d ago

last time i heard, running vista alone eat up all resources... and that is even without the basic softwares such as MS Office. What more if that application is installed, it will be a freeze-fest!

somekindofmike3338d ago

The windows version of Spore is OS X compatible and Call of Duty 4 is also out for Mac. Key PC games seem to get a Mac release (eventually) however I would never try and convert a PC gamer to buy a Mac because currently I don't think Apple are even trying to compete with Windows when it comes to gaming (And I'm not saying that if they did try to compete that they would suceed).

Elven63338d ago

COD 4 on Mac came out like a year after initial launch, and even then it was plagued with launch problems. I doubt many would bother, was it even advertised? Especially with the launch of World at War so close.

somekindofmike3338d ago

I've never played it, but having played some Mac ports I can't say I'm surprised by it, I was merely pointing out the fact it was on Mac. But you would have to be mad if you bought a Mac as a gaming machine.

However (OFF SUBJECT A BIT) as a COD4 fan, (I play the PS3 version) I have very little interest in COD WAW, I don't think the single player will be to my liking, I've never liked the single player campaigns of the COD games which i have played, I prefer the more open shooters games like Far Cry 1 or Half Life 2 with a bit more freedom of choice, So the only value to me is the extra multiplayer maps, and I can't justify spending £40 on extra maps, I may get it once it drops in price, but COD4 keeps me happy

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The story is too old to be commented.