Top 5 Best Moments Of Video Games Featured In Movies Ever


"Top 5 Best Moments Of Video Games Featured In Movies Ever Before Uwe Boll began churning out video game movies twice a week, movies and video games rarely intersected. What was always most interesting to me though was how little the directors obviously knew about video games in the first place when they decided to put them in the film. Case in point is the John Cusack vehicle, Grosse Pointe Blank. In that movie, Doom 2 makes an appearance…as an arcade game. Ah, yes, I do remember fondly typing in that God Mode code on the keyboard in the arcade and…wait a minute…arcade cabinets don't have keyboards on them. Doom 2 was never an arcade game! And so on, and so forth."

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EvilCackle3491d ago

SoTC rocked the house but that movie straight sucked.

mindedone3491d ago

I liked the movie a lot, hey, to each his own.

Silogon3491d ago

What, no Surf Ninja? Please, some people just shouldn't be journalist if they can't broden the scope a bit.

cactuschef3489d ago

I came here to comment that the article didn't even mention Surf Ninja! Yeah sure, Rumble in the Bronx had a Game Gear, but it didn't even predict the future. All right, im out. MOTO SURF!!