CLOUD Message: New Final Fantasy XIII Information December 12th A little while ago we were teased with a scan saying "CLOUD message coming soon". We didn't hear anything more after that but look what's turned up on Amazon Japan. It seems Dengeki, the publishers of CLOUD volume 1, are releasing another CLOUD book at the same time Famitsu is releasing the Re: Final Fantasy XIII DVD. This new book is coming out on December 12th

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TheColbertinator3336d ago

Lets see what the big deal is after all these years hopefully sometime soon.

RPG Guy3336d ago

It's hard to gather enough confidence to even think to vote faith in Square, isn't Colbert? I too am hyped for this, but I have a feeling it's going to underwhelm.

hay3336d ago

As every "we will rock your socks" statement from SE lately.

JoySticksFTW3336d ago

And just get it done already

Omegasyde3336d ago

holy $^%#^, screw the books, videos, demos. Stop wasting time and release the game, do not give any spare resources out.

ultimolu3336d ago


I want to see the damn game already.

LarVanian3336d ago

There better be some actual real-time gameplay next month.
I'm sick of all these re-hashed CGI trailers.

DMasta7183336d ago

The FFXIII Info will be released behind closed

But seriously, I hope they deliver some good info.

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The story is too old to be commented.