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CLOUD Message: New Final Fantasy XIII Information December 12th

FinalFantasy-XIII.net: A little while ago we were teased with a scan saying "CLOUD message coming soon". We didn't hear anything more after that but look what's turned up on Amazon Japan. It seems Dengeki, the publishers of CLOUD volume 1, are releasing another CLOUD book at the same time Famitsu is releasing the Re: Final Fantasy XIII DVD. This new book is coming out on December 12th (Final Fantasy Agito XIII, Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy XV, PS3, PSP, Xbox 360)

TheColbertinator  +   2409d ago
Lets see what the big deal is after all these years hopefully sometime soon.
RPG Guy  +   2409d ago
A little faith in Square to deliver?
It's hard to gather enough confidence to even think to vote faith in Square, isn't Colbert? I too am hyped for this, but I have a feeling it's going to underwhelm.
hay  +   2409d ago
As every "we will rock your socks" statement from SE lately.
JoySticksFTW  +   2409d ago
We have a message for you Square.... Eff You!!
And just get it done already
ZackFair  +   2409d ago
Can't wait.
Omegasyde  +   2409d ago
Just release the game already.
holy $^%#^, screw the books, videos, demos. Stop wasting time and release the game, do not give any spare resources out.
ultimolu  +   2409d ago

I want to see the damn game already.
LarVanian  +   2409d ago
There better be some actual real-time gameplay next month.
I'm sick of all these re-hashed CGI trailers.
DMasta718  +   2409d ago
The FFXIII Info will be released behind closed doors...lol

But seriously, I hope they deliver some good info.
Mr_President_  +   2409d ago
You heard it hear first
Final Fantasy XIII will release this April in Japan on PS3 and this November in the US/EU on PS3 and 360.
ash_divine  +   2409d ago
and just how do you know that?
I hope you are right though.
mpmaley  +   2409d ago
They haven't started the code for the 360 and won't until the PS3 version is done. You really think they can re-code for the 360 version THAT fast? Or do you think SE just won't care about the 360 version and do a rush job?
Mr_President_  +   2409d ago
The PS3 version has just begun the localization process and the 360 version just entered development. Both versions will be identical (360 version will be 4 discs) and ready for a November release.
ruibing  +   2409d ago
Where did you hear this? We didn't even seen a demo or beta of this game running in TGS.
Sayai jin  +   2409d ago
@mpmaley- remeber it will not take a long time to code for the 360, because of the ease of programming. As far as the quality, well we will have to wait and judge. I am sure SQ wants to leave a stellar impression with this game on both systems. It's the first FF on a next gen system.
pwnsause  +   2409d ago
"This new book is coming out on December 12th"

Square's Huge Surprise:"We just became the New EA of RPGs."
air1  +   2409d ago
sounds like your still a little sour about the micro and square thing.

bu bu bu bu why square, why? "square" cause the games sell better on the 360, moron.

pwnsause  +   2409d ago
"bu bu bu bu why square, why? "square" cause the games sell better on the 360, moron.


Infinite Undiscovery 68/100

Last Remnant 64/100


Setting yourself up for failure much moron? LMAO
xhi4  +   2409d ago
DiabloRising  +   2409d ago
Then why, pray tell, are they holding back the US PS3 release until the 360 edition is done, if the 360 is sure to sell?

I'm still trying to make sense of that, and all I can find is moneyhats!
callahan09  +   2409d ago
Don't forget Final Fantasy XI (66%), Final Fantasy XI: Wings of the Goddess (63%), and Project Sylpheed (64%).

Out of 5 Xbox 360 releases so far, Square-Enix are averaging 65%, with 68% being their highest.
ultimolu  +   2409d ago
air got owned.
Nitrowolf2  +   2409d ago
Show us some realtime gameplay.

Reminder: MGS4? isnt it rumor that comething on dec 12th will be shown cause of snake time left to live? OR IS THAT 25TH?
DiabloRising  +   2409d ago
Hey Square, remember when you made GOOD games? Yeah... lets try that!
Wolfmoonstrike  +   2409d ago
I think you're forgetting this is Square Enix not Square Soft (the greatest rpg makers to ever live I might add) Square Enix could not make a decent rpg even if some deity came down and wrote the storyline for them.
mpmaley  +   2409d ago
I really don't understand SE. FFVII: Remake would instantly sell into the millions. They're strapped for cash so why don't they do a PS3/360 release of it? Use the White Engine, no need to develop another graphics engine and just do a straight port of the game w/ graphical upgrades. I would buy it and millions of others would too. I would love if they added some stuff here and there but the game is marvelous.

FFIV - VI are being redone for the DS, I think it's only a matter of time until VII - IX get the same treatment and I hope it happens on home consoles and not handhelds.
Jecht  +   2409d ago
All the time
They spend hyping this game could be put to development and localization efforts.
Edge Maverick  +   2409d ago
and all the time
they've spent negotiating with MS for some under the counter cash-ola could have been spent doing the same thing. But why bother? They're the EA of Japan right? Morality this, logic that, pfft, who needs it?

As long as Star Ocean isn't delayed, fine. They can keep making Infinite Undiscoverys and Last Remnants all they want. Just get me Star Ocean on March 3, 2009 and get FFXIII out before 2185, ok Square?
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muddygamesite  +   2409d ago
"They spend hyping this game could be put to development and localization efforts."

What a precise and true statement. I couldnt agree more.
Jecht  +   2409d ago
I think it's safe to say......
.....that SE have basically spent most of their time wasting it.
mephman  +   2409d ago
Well done for being 2 weeks late.
Tykis  +   2409d ago
Prob the release date lol
Edge Maverick  +   2409d ago
TBA 2185
and the masses rejoice!
air1  +   2409d ago
nice! you like to use the meta when it's in the ps3 favor, just the other day you said that he meta was garbage when i told you to check out what system has more games in the green. but hey, that's how ignorant you sony fanatics are.

the funny thing is that with those low scores they probably still sold better then lbp,lol..

you little sour grape..
pwnsause  +   2409d ago
well, I thought since "you Guys" use metacritic, I thought I can present you with proof from your favorite site. you know to speak your foreign inferior console language.
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ultimolu  +   2409d ago
You got owned again.
FantasyStar  +   2409d ago
Square-Enix, impress me. Cause all you've done is disappoint me for the last 2 years.
Da One  +   2409d ago
I got faith in.....................
There PSP and DS, efforts probably because they're remakes or spinoffs of actually good games made by the companies when they were separate, ever since the merger SE = big bag of fail

PLEASE LET FFXIII lead them to the promise land if not Sephiroth could give them directions...........

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