Neocrisis: Simple 360 D-Pad Mod: Opening the Controller NOT Needed

Neocrisis: Well, thanks to losing an important match where I almost beat this really good Zangief player (he had 25 wins in a row! Not on me though...) but ended up losing thanks to the d-pad register my down press as left, I was finally fed up. I came up with an extremely simple fix that mixes two d-pad mod techniques and gives you much better, precise controls in Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD and other XBLA games. Granted, the d-pad won't be perfect after this, but it'll feel more responsive.

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TheColbertinator3517d ago

Sounds good.Fighters are still a big deal and a good D-Pad is key

Arsenic133517d ago

Why hasnt MS just widened the space themselves already?

v1c1ous3517d ago

have the rights to a good d-pad.

i think MS should just take the hit and let another company manufacture the d-pad for them

Bnet3433517d ago

The Xbox 1 DPAD was excellent. I don't know how the screwed up now.

kwicksandz3517d ago

Nintendo has the rights to the best dpad. Sonys has flaws of its own and the 360s is downright horrible!

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thor3517d ago

The trouble with it is is that generally, you don't WANT the d-pad to function like an analogue control. I remember an article about how they'd "fixed" the problem by creating a limited edition controller or something with 32 possible directions rather than 16. That is not the problem.

In most games, the directions on the d-pad are assigned to different things entirely, as though they are buttons. On the PS3 d-pad, if you press up, you've pressed up and there's no ambiguity. The 360 controller's d-pad reminds me of a shoddy 3rd party PS1 controller I once bought - it doesn't work because the up/down/left/right should be seperated as _buttons_. Needless to say I've not bought a 3rd party controller since.

Even in fighting games, because of the combos you need to perform, you want to press a specific direction with no ambiguity. The exact problem, as is described here, is that it might recognise your "down" press as a down-left or even a left because the down and left buttons are not seperated.

jack who3517d ago

limited time, only be available in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

n to the b3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

right on, thor. wish the 360 controller had separate buttons for up, down, left & right. still greatly prefer the comfortable feel & heft of the 360 controller vs. PS, tho.

thor3517d ago

I know. I even mentioned that they did that. They were fixing the WRONG ISSUE!!! The issue is NOT that it doesn't register enough directions. Who on earth ever wanted their d-pad to register 32 directions! That's what the analogue stick is for! The d-pad is for DIGITAL INPUT. Hence, the up/down/left/right should be seperated so you CAN'T have it think you're pressing left when you meant to press down.

I thought that this was everybody's issue with it!

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FantasyStar3517d ago

I applied this method to over 30 controllers from all 3 revisions and they all helped improve the 360 D-Pad by at least 70%. I recommend it.