2009 Last Chance For Sony? Microsoft Domination Continues HipHopGamerShow 11/30/08

* Money For Trophies? Sony takes back multiplatform market
* MMO's On Consoles! The End Of Monthly Fees?
* 360 Has A New Hit Goodbye Ninja Gaiden
* Game Review - King of fighters 98 & Street Fighter HD
* Microsoft: David Gosen gets Smashed by HipHopGamer
* Much Much More Enjoy The Show

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Jamie Foxx3372d ago (Edited 3372d ago )

oh... hiphopgamers desperation for hits

stop trying to incite flamewars with your titles,lost all respect


Sony dose not need a last chance.In fact they dont need any chancee at all.

xjxdoggystyyle3372d ago

and why do you ps3 fan boys come in here and bash him when he speaks the truth bout xbox ownin right now..esp when his fav systems is a ps3 heh.....only thing i disagree with is the system uncharted? and motorstorm? game was packed with the ps3 ...but i know he loves the ps3 so has to say some good things bout it..besides that..hip hop does a good job talkin games and hes a real game fan..yall blind bias sony fans need to shhh and go get a girlfriend/job/ a hobby besides suckin off ps3...b a gamer not a right where its at..hands has some good games..and even one of my fav games of all time mgs4...but as far as live and games after games after games is crushin...and home? ehh..ima home beta tester..and besides playin pool and bowling....and uhh dancing..there is 0 to do...and as u read in most articles a ton of people give home a big thumbs down...but hey...bash you have stock in sony..or your daddy runs it or something...but sony is losing ground ....again...and is goin to get crushed again this holiday season

original seed3372d ago (Edited 3372d ago )

He is worse than Sony Defense Force. At least SDF doesn't really believe they are official. Hiphopgamer needs to get "smashed". Official people being "smashed" by a fanboy. My god, he deserves to be on N4g.

TALK ABOUT GETTIN SMASHED----> He said LBP has sold 1m copies in North America. It has not reached 1m WORLDWIDE yet. "Smashed!"

LightningPS33372d ago (Edited 3372d ago )

This was suppose to be a good year for PS3, instead Sony fell asleep at the wheel thinking all they needed was Little Big Planet and Resistance 2 or something.

Microsoft has just steamrolled them with there aggressive price cuts and marketing, and Sony has done nothing but watched, thinking that things would just take care of themselves or something.

But I can easily see the PS3 getting outsold 2-1 maybe even 3-1 this holiday, and if that happeneds, it's over. No way back for PS3, because Sony is allowing the PS3 to take a huge beating and Microsoft will never alow the 360 to take that kind of a beating.

I've been trying to find any possible good news for PS3 recently, there just isn't. The worst thing is that Little Big Planet didn't sell nowhere near the amount it should have. And Resistance 2, who was suppose to compete with Gears of War 2 and was PS3's flagship shooter so far just disappeared. This is all very concerning for the PS3. Things are looking very, very bad.

I'm strongly thinking of giving it up and just jumping to XBOX 360 myself. I don't want to hear anymore excuses. PS3 is getting destroyed, people just don't seem to want that console this gen. And PS3 owners just aren't buying games.

It's time to give it up... No matter what excuses come across. The bottom line is that PS3 gets outsold month after month every time the NPD comes across. Even in Europe where PS3 had some advantage, the PS3 costs about 3 or 4 times as much as the 360, so Sony is making it hard to choose the PS3 everywhere now. Sony has kept there wallets tight, this whole year. Maybe it shows how badly they have been loosing money on the PS3. But the bottom line is they are getting hammered all over the world now.

Omegasyde3372d ago

Hiphop why did you sell out?

I understand the more "hits" the more money from advertisements, but damn dude.

You no longer keep it real, instead you just speculate like all the other blogs. Its even worse when you generate a title like this 5 weeks in a row.

Jamie Foxx3372d ago (Edited 3372d ago )

to name a few,hardly comment anymore coz of flamebait articles on n4g,hiphop is now one of the sellouts he says he always 'smashes'

HYPOCRITE dont incite flamewars to get hits,i for one am sick of the flame incited articles on n4g,your last few titles whether pro sony or pro microsoft doesnt help, guess i just smashed you huh


chaosatom3372d ago (Edited 3372d ago )

Lack of Exclusives games like MGS4, LBP, Resistance 2.
Lack of Blu-ray player.
Lack of Video store.
Lack of a Community feature like Home.

Oh No! Ps3 is dead. /end sarcasm

I only reason that Ps3 is behind is Price. That's it!

Raptors3372d ago

See hiphopgamer had a huge stretch where he had pure pro sony headlines and no one said anything. Now he has one against sony and you cut him off? The mob is fickle indeed...

Willio3372d ago

"I'm strongly thinking of giving it up and just jumping to XBOX 360 myself. I don't want to hear anymore excuses. PS3 is getting destroyed, people just don't seem to want that console this gen. And PS3 owners just aren't buying games."

Let me buy your PS3 at a discount rate if you are selling it since you obviously dont want it. Im just stunned you are willing to sell your PS3 because of other's opinions. You cant even decide for yourself.

Omegasyde3372d ago

First off you never had a ps3.
Second you have been saying you are going to get a 360 for months now.

All Sony has to do is cut price and make the PS3 cheaper to manufacture.
But Sony's biggest mistake was killing the 20 gig launch PS3. The 360 arcade was clever having a low entry cost with chances for upgrades later.

Imagine if Sony didn't cut the 20 gig? Since all Sku's dropped about 100 USD, the 20 gig launch system could of possibly been 300 dollars by now. Sony could of sold a wireless reciever, and people would eventually upgrade due to patches and PSN content. Sony instead cuts the 20gig because they think it will hamper PSN sales....

Sony needs a new low cost model, not this 2000 gigs with "X" games bundled.

Fowack3372d ago

Lightning is a former Ps3 owner. I'm just amazed that he still bothers. No one cares what you say except the hardcore fudge cakes on the other side.

Willio3372d ago

Its not the title that bugs me, its when he got sponsored, he flipflopped like Manu Ginobli.

Awesome Possum3372d ago

So you will sell your ps3 just because it isn't selling good? How well ps3 sells has nothing to do with you

ultimolu3372d ago

I agree, that title is serious flamebait.

jwatt3372d ago (Edited 3372d ago )

Lightning this seems very familiar, the 360 was alot cheaper than the ps3 and people claiming it's over for the ps3. Then when the ps3 got a price cut it gained alot of ground. We know the holiday seasons is the best time to do a price cut but I think Micrsoft's only opportunity for a price cut was this holiday season. I don't think they have a good opportunity for a price cut next year.

Sony on the other hand has many options for a price cut for 2009.
Sony can do a price in Feb with Killzone, SF4 and R5 all coming out around the same time. They can do a price cut with GOW3 or GT5 or Uncharted 2. I know about the time FF comes out the ps3 will be cheaper but Sony has to be real confident about the content they have in 09. Plus since the ps3 has Blu ray, the ps3 will sell good even in the slow months where people don't usually by consoles.

3372d ago
TheSadTruth3372d ago

Don't you realize you PS3 fanboy nerds are doing nothing but give this show more money? Everytime you leave a comment and flame them you are getting them significantly more hits and revenues, and they keep playing back at you for this reason.

You sheep.

crackling3372d ago

Normally I don't bother responding to trolls... but just gotta add, you don't seem to like bubbles or agrees very much do you?

La Chance3372d ago

at least nobody can deny that all the "2008 is Sonys year" , "360 is dead" , "just wait" was pure nonsense.

Alot of very naive people on N4G (probably 90%) actually believed that the PS3 would roll over the 360 and that MSFT would just sit there and watch.

Since 01/01/2008 I knew that all that "Sonys year" talk wasnt going come to come true.

And now people dare think that 2009 is going to be Sonys year (a stupid article like that popped up a few weeks ago).

I think its time people understand no year is EVER going to be "Sony's year" ("nor MSFT'S year").

Anyway its funny to see how wrong (and naive) people were at the beggining of the year.

DaTruth3372d ago

That's why he's conspicuously missing from this comment section. He can't and doesn't want to defend it.

DaTruth3372d ago (Edited 3372d ago )

Nobody meant sales when saying that. Only MS fanboys are insecure about last gen and are in a pen1s size contest. The year of the PS3 is the year MGS4, Wipeout HD, Socom, R2, LBP GT5 pro and some good multiplats like GTA4 and others were all going to come out. The year of the PS3 is the year really great games come out for the system and in that respect they were obviously right. Compared to Microshaft who only had one top rated exclusive for the whole year and Wii didn't even have a good game the whole year.

Marceles3372d ago

Come on hiphopgamer...that one show you had with the Obama voting at the end and showing your fam and stuff, reviewing Resistance 2 and hanging out waiting for Gears while you interviewed people was a really good show, like that show totally killed all your past shows and it's gonna be hard to live up to now, but it's going downhill from here man. Lol especially at N4G, we can smell flamebait a mile're getting hits but it's not even for support anymore, it's just for someone to stare at you with a mad face like "why the hell do you have a show?? and when will it go off??". Just watch that Resistance 2/Gears 2/Obama show again and feed off of that, and tone down the titles since you already have a rep here and you'll be cool

IaMs123372d ago

Where does it say LightningPS3 is selling his PS3??? honestly yah he maybe jumping ship but whats the point of selling it? you can still enjoy both consoles just he may support MS more now

RememberThe3573371d ago

I don't think they mean sales. When they say 2009 is the year of the PSP do you think they mean it will outsell the DS? Probably not. They have gotten the PS3 back on track, and now it's PSP's turn.

2009 is going to be kick ass for the PS3. Killzone2 will probably stay in my system longer then COD4. Theres Heavy Rain, InFamous, God of War 3(!), and a ton of other titles to take up my time.

You can call it what you want but the 2009 looks mighty fine from where I stand.

Danja3371d ago

ok this title is 100% flamebait...

Sony is doing just fine and you can expect sales to be even better next year with all the heavy hitters coming out next year plus a price cut...

Sales will explode in Japan with FF13....sales will explode in EU with GT5....sales will explode in NA with GOW3

M$ is doing well also....but if M$ didn't cut the price of the 360...the 360 wouldn't be selling like it is right now..and that the reason for a price cut to improve sales...I mean MGS4 moved more PS3's than the Price cut did for the 360...

pathetic fanboys3371d ago

when it had a bad 360 title last week, everyone agreed! and it was a great show. one week later, it has a negative ps3 title, and hip-hop gamer is a sell

this site and it's community is incredible to say the least. pathetic aswell!

JoySticksFTW3371d ago (Edited 3371d ago )

He's doing what EVERY SINGLE NEWS ARTICLE in existence attempts to do, catch potential readers' eyes with headlines.

And if anything, he's keeping it real. I only own a PS3 right now, but it's not a giant leap of logic and common sense to see that since the price drop, the 360 has been dominating the PS3 in sales.

He's not saying that the 360 is a better system than the PS3 with better games, better online, better fans, better blah blah fanyboy foolishness

360 has a better price and they definately have a better marketing strategy than Sony which is damn near non-existent

Sackboy had the ability and charm to take the whole world by storm, but where was the f'n marketing? If that was MS, Sackboy would have been up in McDonalds and on our soda cans right along side Master Chief giving him a high-five or a thumbs-up or some stupid sh!t

I want the PS3 to succeed as much as all of you do. A larger installed base means my system is harder for devs and publishers to ignore, but Sony isn't helping it's own cause right now. Letting the games speak for themselves only goes so far..,

especially when you still have fanboys that actually write stuff like PS3 had to wait 2 years to get it's first good games and name Rachet and Uncharted only coming out last year - not even realizing that PS3 isn't even 2 years old yet. People are ignorant to the amazing product that Sony has.

And why should HHG have to defend himself on N4G? When he talked on the forums, all of the N4G readers said is that he should not have to come out and defend his show if he's proud of his work. And now you're gonna call him out for NOT saying anything here?

You people shame yourselves

Oh no! it's flame bait!!1!!11! He ripped my console!! Whaaa!!! :(

Personally, I think the PS3 will be fine once the price tag comes down and more awareness of blu-ray spreads, which may happen early next year with the switch from analog to digital tv. Many people will be buying HDTV's then and may then hear of this amazing "new type of dvd player and movie disk called blu-ray that shows really clear on your new tv" as explained to them by electronics store employees :)

But then again, if Sony doesn't get out of it's own way to see what's happening and do not act to lower the price - it really could be a long year for Sony, even with KZ2 and GOW3 coming out

Kaneda3371d ago

I got 2 PS3.. :) one in the living room and one in the bedroom! sorry no nintendo wii and 360. :) sorry, I am baller I don't like cheap system. :)

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Deviant3372d ago

ive said weeks ago and i say it again ....u are desperate for hits

Silver3603372d ago

for people to buy games for PS3. If people don't like the games he likes then whatever. He has no personal stake in in Sony.

v1c1ous3372d ago

i been saying it FOR MONTHS!

steriotyp3371d ago

How do you figure? In order for the 360 to stay on top, they have had to cut the price of the console 3 times. Their holiday lineup is lackluster and they are turning to proven franchises that have made their homes on other consoles, by buying them out from under.
I'm not saying that any console is getting hammered, all have good things going for them, but impressions of a console not only come first hand, but through research, unfortunately, alot of gamers take N4G as gospel, creating a biased look one direction or another.

N4G is like FUBU, it's for us, by us, but that does not mean what we say is gold. Most stories reported are relevant, but alot just help fuel the opinion of one individual. In this case, HHG has gotten out of hand a bit, but he is entitled to opinion.

shadowghost7523372d ago

same crap designed to get hits every week

IzKyD13313372d ago

Microsoft is only winning because of their desperation price-cut, they forced the price under 200 dollars, but they cut MASSIVE corners to do so, i'm sure the PS3 can be under 200 right now too if they removed the HDD and wi-fi.....and everything else that is necessary

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3372d ago

GT5 ONLY on PS3 ;-P
KillZone 2 ONLY on PS3 ;-P
God Of War 3 ONLY on PS3 ;-P
Heavy Rain ONLY on PS3 ;-P
FF 13 Versus ONLY on PS3 ;-P
Uncharted 2 ONLY on PS3 ;-P
White Knight Chronicles ONLY on PS3 ;-P (Rest of the World)
Flower ONLY on PS3 ;-P
InFamous ONLY on PS3 ;-P
FF 13 (BEST Version 1st!!!) on PS3 ;-P
EyePet ONLY on PS3 ;-P
Africa ONLY on PS3 ;-P (Rest of the World...Maybe)
Fat Princess[Gabe Newell] ONLY on PS3 ;-P
+LOADS of other Games and PSN Stuff!!! ;-P
etc etc...
+HOME Open beta ONLY on PS3 ;-P (or maybe this year)

They are F-ING DOOMED!!! ;-D

trancefreak3372d ago

Microsoft domination my ass If. I could sell a turd for $199.00

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3372d ago

Isn't that what Micro$oft do???
i.e Bill Gate$ Dumps 1 in a box and they sell it as a xBox 360!!! ;-D
(Oooops!!! I'm gonna get killed 4 that 1!!!) ;)

Right i'm off to play LBP;) or WipeOut:HD;) or MotorStorm 2;) or Resistance 2;) or go to HOME for a bit;) etc etc... ;-P

AngryTypingGuy3372d ago

Feeling the need to list games just shows insecurity. Weren't you the one saying MGS4 would be Judgment Day for the 360? How did that one turn out? Half of those games mentioned will probably be duds. Afrika? Eye Pet? Really?

earwax3372d ago

Please, you are a witness to the end of the PS3

NegativeCreep4273372d ago (Edited 3372d ago )

Does anyone consider this stupid, Wannabe thug a respectable source of information and opinion?

@ earwax

don't even start an argument that you can't win. I acknowledge that some PS3 fanboys got a little carried away with the idea of 2008 being the year PS3 takes over, but ignorant 360 fanboys like you take it to a higher level. You [email protected] act like the RROD fiasco isn't reality when it really is. And 360 fanboys like you don't have to pay for a second, third, or fourth xbox 360 because you idiots just beg for mommy to buy you another one.

If you 360 kids actually had to work for you're entertainment, you wouldn't be so self-delusioned on how horrible the 360 hardware really is.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3371d ago

"Sony's domination" but yet the PS3 is in 3rd, and the 360 and Wii's lead is still growing. You have got to be the most delusional droid on this site, your dumbass thinks 3rd is 1st and 2nd is 3rd. Do you think ice is hot and fire is cold?


AngryTypingGuy3371d ago (Edited 3371d ago )

NegativeCreep, maybe you should change your name to one of Nirvana's In Utero tracks, Dumb, because that exactly what your comment of "If you 360 kids actually had to work for you're entertainment, you wouldn't be so self-delusioned on how horrible the 360 hardware really is." is.

Many 360 owners are grown people like myself who do work for their entertainment. Maybe we've considered which console has the better all around package (in our opinion of course). Everyone knows that the RROD is a problem with SOME older consoles, but here's the kicker...not all. Also, MS has a warranty for them. If a console doesn't overheat in the first three years, then chances are it won't.

Sony makes great consoles, but not everyone prefers them or their games. Halo and Gears make the difference for me, and I can only play them on Xbox.

SonyOwnsNextYear3371d ago (Edited 3371d ago )

PHuck the n4g moderators. all of you mods are abunch of b1tches!!!

ive read many posts where members call others trolls and fanboys, idiots and dont ban them huh? must be because they play 360? i guess im banned for being prosony? PHUucking b1tchass moderators i hope a electrical storm zaps all your home electronics, [email protected]

littleBIGfail3371d ago

If you strap a blue ray player to a turd .. it's still a turd

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DrWan3372d ago

And the PS3 is still at 400 dollar, every price drop Sony make will drag the gap closer. This is indeed a decisive period for Sony, how well can Sony hold up with this price difference until they can afford to drop their own price.

SaiyanFury3372d ago

Despite MS's price dropping desperation for 360 sales, the PS3 still continues to the 360, closing the gap all the time. This title reeks of desperation trying to get hits.

etownone3372d ago

"I dont think X360 will lower the price anymore"

yeah, your right, they will keep it at the same price for the next 5 years.


GUNS N SWORDS3372d ago (Edited 3372d ago )

"I dont think X360 will lower the price anymore
And the PS3 is still at 400 dollar, every price drop Sony make will drag the gap closer. This is indeed a decisive period for Sony, how well can Sony hold up with this price difference until they can afford to drop their own price."

sony already disclosed information on whether or not a price drop will happen, it was posted on turn out negative.

what do you expect.....if sony was dumb they would commit corporate suicide and lower the price, cutting their profits in half. they got to wait when the time is right, all of the parts inside of the ps3 you still can't find for cheap.

IzKyD13313372d ago

"sony already disclosed information on whether or not a price drop will happen, it was posted on turn out negative."

are you stupid? you think a company would EVER reveal a price drop is coming in a few months? think about all the people who would wait for the price drop to buy the console......and a year ago, Sony denied price cut rumors literally days before a price cut occurred

GUNS N SWORDS3372d ago (Edited 3372d ago )

ok then, if a price drop does happen soon, what price do you think they would settle for?

and do you think it would be suitable for the company, do you think it's better for sony to cut it's loses or to increase them?

your just a gamer, your no CEO, use your head, most console developers keep their price drops according to the times, technology never gets cheaper right away.....blu-ray is still up in the price numbers, every single part inside of the ps3 has to come down in price before a profit can be calmed.

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