PS3 Fanboy : Asian PSN update for the week of 11/24 - 11/30

Majed Athab writes "We've gotten a lot of requests from our readers saying they want to see Asian PS Store updates on our site much like we do for Europe and North America. So, we're going to give it to you. In this post, you'll find a list of all PS Store updated content for Japan and Hong Kong/Singapore regions. Since these stores add new stuff on a daily basis (unlike EU and NA's designated Thursdays), we're compiling a master list of all content throughout each week.

You can catch the weekly Asian PS Store update every Sunday, while you can still enjoy EU and NA updates every Thursday. For PSP-related content, please check PSP Fanboy."

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JoySticksFTW3398d ago

I'd loved to get my hands on Bushido Blade and creepy Tecmo: Deception again


and Vagrant Story and Suikoden 1&2 also

TheColbertinator3398d ago

I hear you.Sony is losing money by not digging up a few gems.I would pay right away to get MGS1 on the western PSN stores.