BCGaming: King's Bounty: The Legend Review

BCGaming writes: "Amazing visuals and great battle mechanics might be enough to engage you into the turn-based combat role playing game (RPG) King's Bounty: The Legend, but constant rewards and high replay value take this fantasy to a higher level. You always have to be prepared for battle in this sequel to the 1990 PC game, King's Bounty, which features more than 60 creatures including dragons, fairies, vampires, killer plants and even vampires. The character classes include humans, orcs, elves, dwarfs, undead, demons and neutral entities, consisting mostly of animals. Each character has basic actions which can be expanded and/or enhanced as you accrue power and points. The Warrior, Mage (magician) and Paladin (champion knight) all strengthen their corresponding might, magic and mind (luck) focuses as you advance through a talent-based tree".

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