Top 100 best video games of all time


"For the past two months, we here at Blorge have been voting for our choice of greatest game ever made. The results are now in, and so we can unveil the official list of the 'Top 100 best video games of all time', at least according to Blorge readers.

Metal Gear Solid 4 was voted the greatest game of all time by quite a margin, beating Zelda: Ocarina Of Time by over 50 votes. With it being a current generation game, I wonder if it would retain its number one slot if the poll were held in a few years time?

01. Metal Gear Solid 4 - 505
02. Zelda: Ocarina Of Time - 452
03. Final Fantasy VII - 382
04. Halo 3 - 222
05. Call of Duty 4 - 196

Joke Answers

Chuck Norris' Mom - 106
Rick Roll - 9
1 - 5
The Hoff - 3
Big Rigs: Over The Road Racing - 4
Superman 64 - 3"

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user94220773244d ago

Chuck Norris's Mum Is the best IMO


Cod4 should be higher than halo3 (-_-)


Killzone2 is not out yet so why dose it make the list.And i think gta4 should not even be in the top 50....

Snake Raiser3244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

BIG BOSS would be very proud of his son for this.

PS. GTA4 may not have been the best... but it still kicks @$$

uie4rhig3244d ago

CoD4 should be number one so far.. its THE best game ive played in a while.. IMO it even owns R2 beta (dunno about the full R2 coz haven't bought it yet) .. and Halo 3 shouldn't be on that list.. it should be Halo Combat Evolved instead !!

and LOL @ Chuck Norris's mum xD

mikeslemonade3244d ago

COD4 should be a lot higher. Little Big Planet should be in the top 5. MGS4 should not be in the top 10. Since MGS3 is secretly the best MGS game.

RussDeBuss3244d ago

HALO 3 - no way top 5 title, maybe top 20
GTA4 - above san andreas, and no vice city. wtf
KZ2 - looks great but not even out yet, wtf
ASSASINS CREED - terrible, repetitive and glitchy.

no gran turismo at all, frontier-elite 2, day of the tenticle, alundra,

flawed list

Spydiggity3243d ago

something seems very wrong about this list. it reminds me of the people who when you ask then what their favorite movie is they mention all the new movies and ignore the classics.

and i'm willing to bet that if you asked gamers from 25-40, the list would be drastically different.

The top games would be like Mario, Zelda, Tetris. The greats. The ones everyone knows the theme song to.

sure the list mentions most of the games that would be on the list, but they are completely out of order. and games like Halo 3 and COD 4 shouldn't outrank Halo 1 and COD 1. those are the games that set the stage. the production values may not have been as high but i think any true halo fan would agree that you don't have nearly as much fun with halo 3 that you did with halo 1. and what FPS has EVER outdone the popularity of Goldeneye? I don't even think doom or quake or counter strike could match it. Goldeneye should definitely be highest of the FPS titles.

jammy_703243d ago

san adreas should be in the top 5...
also tomb raider 1, if it werent for that game we might not have games like we have today...... maybe

falcon3243d ago

halo 1 and 2 should been higher than halo 3. gta4 on the top 10??? please, this game doesn't deserve to be on the top 100.

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The Matrix3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

MGS 4 was a great game but definitely not the best of all time. It's debatable that it's not even the best game of this year.


I have to disagree.Even tho i think mgs4 is one of the best game ever the online play was very crap.Its to slow and u dont feel the rush u get when u play cod4,halo3,killzone2(im in the beta)gears2...e.t.c

chasuk083244d ago

Just because your not playing an fps doesn't mean you wont get a rush.

And anyway you know this list is a fail when Saints Row 2 is ranked higher that Mario Galaxy, Pac-man, Super Metroid, Tomb raider, Zelda windwaker, Gta 3, MGS3 and more.

And why was tekken 6 and killzone 2 added?? They're not even released. They might as well halo 4 on there and final fantasy 13.

Its an opinion poll not a proper list, and i think the peoples opinions are a joke.

Snake Raiser3244d ago

Have you tried it with the new patch? BIG BOSS *Heart* MGO

Milky Joe3244d ago

The new expansion is amazing.

And to be fair WGH, MGO is a separate product that just ships on the same disc. You can even buy it seprately in Japan.

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Nike3244d ago

Pretty accurate for a top 5. You have the thunderous conclusion to the MGS franchise, the best(?) Zelda game in the series, the addictive and flawless across all platforms CoD4 and the be-all, end-all Halo 3. I do disagree slightly with FFVII being there. I mean, I picked up Ocarina of Time literally ten years after last playing it and it still sucked me in, while my only reaction for FFVII was, "Wow. I better not rewatch Rocky V."

Ikram3244d ago

Chuck Norris' Mom ftw!