Eurogamer: GTI Club+ Review

Eurogamer writes: "The rise of downloadable games has returned immutably single-minded arcade releases to contemporary relevance in a way that even the harshest retro-sceptic would struggle to condemn, and sieved through that perspective GTI Club + Rally Cote D'Azur is a shrewd piece of commissioning: a fondly remembered three-minute racer on a download service with roll-your-own pricing.

Hiring SUMO Digital was also excellent; the Northern codeshop broke the rules by eulogising OutRun 2's simplicity rather than drowning the player in misguided compensation, and it's a trick repeated here. Contracting SUMO is more perceptive than at first appears, too; when asked, the developer extended OutRun 2 with rarefied compassion. Who better to build on GTI Club + if it succeeds?"

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sackboy says hi3458d ago

Im sorry but this game is A$$.I played it plast night and felt like breaking my ps3.The graphics are sh1t. I give it 3/10 (-_-)

lamigol3455d ago

What !!!! This game is ace, its a refreshing change and great in mp. Its only £10 for gods sake. I will definately be buying it. I remember playing this to death in the arcade at Butlins when I were a lad !! Eh, good times. GTI club, then a snog on the beach with a bird from Manchester, heaven.

PirateThom3455d ago

Yeah, I'm buying it because I remember it. It's a lot of fun, graphics are nice and colourful.

It's a nice arcade racer.