The Top 10 Nicest Breasts in Videogames

Sometimes when your credibility drops low enough, you begin feeling around down there for the fabled "bottom" - well, I think we found it! Yep, it's the worst & most tasteless "article" yet on VG, all about big old virtual hooters & who's got the best ones. And yes, I just wrote that.

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Nike3338d ago

Don't know whether that description is begging me to report this or just being clever.

Tony P3338d ago

Not the worst way to spend five minutes, I guess.

TheDude2dot03338d ago

Anyone who reports this for that title is really gay.

Edge Maverick3338d ago

Or a little too serious about keeping this site perfectly clean (or completely favored to one particular console).

It's a good time waster, better than some random vid comparison to start the flamewars up.

badz1493337d ago

that this article still stays at the top three articles! hehe...I know I'm also contributing to the degrees but still funny!

SilPho3337d ago

mikeslemonade: I respectfully disagree :P

Though that does beg the question, why aren't there any "Top 10 Gaming Behinds?" lists?

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user94220773338d ago

Who ever originally made this story, is some horny guy. :p

SuicidalTendencies3338d ago

Nice breasts and ass. I always liked Sin. Wish they would have made more.

Bolts3337d ago

The HL 2 engine isn't know for hawtness, but Alex Sinclair is up there along with the Companion Cube in terms of pure sexiness.

Killjoy30003338d ago

The nerds will be salivating when GoW3 comes out.

Nike3338d ago

$400+, two years of waiting, tons of hype...and then straight to the sex mini-game. Ah, to be a gamer...

Volvobug3338d ago

Yeah what happened to night elves?

Magic_The_Celt3338d ago

Why is it i cant help but take your bubbles?

3338d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.