CNET: When will we see the $99 Blu-ray player?

We've been keeping an eye on prices for Blu-ray players and it appears that a handful of budget-brand models are starting to crack the $150 barrier. The other day had the Memorex MVBD2510 player at $139.99 for a one-day sale and now is selling it for $146.99 (shipping included) and has it at $149.99. That's on top of both the Samsung BD-P1500 and the Sony BDP-S300 slipping in and out of sub-$200 territory at Amazon and other outlets.

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wallace10003371d ago (Edited 3371d ago )

With the way that blu ray prices are going, both player and disc, i can see adoption greatly increasing for those that already own HDTVs. With the current economic situation i can't see people who are tightening their belts going out and buying an HDTV and a blu ray player on top of that though.
All in all i think that blu ray has secured its place in our movie collections and adoption by the casual masses will take a bit longer than predicted due to the current economic situation.

strotee3371d ago


I still remember when a friend bought a 2x CD-R (not CD-RW) for around $250 back in the day. Prices come down, it's only a natural cycle.

Nitrowolf23371d ago

im guessing though it will be late next year(mybe ealrie)