Handheld Market Explodes: DS Sells 500k In 4 Weeks; PSP Sales Up 245%

Japan - Nintendo's newest take on the DS formula is a big hit so far, propelling the platform to nearly half a million in sales in the past 4 weeks, making this the best month for the DS in the past year. The DSi, a DS Lite with a camera, an SD card slot, and several hardware upgrades, launched at 188 thousand its first week, and has been selling another 100 thousand each week since.

The PSP also enjoys a renewed interest since its latest hardware revision, the PSP3000. In the past six weeks the PSP has sold 413 thousand units, a 245% increase from the previous six weeks (169k)...

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Arsenal4Ever3514d ago

PSP doing fantastic. I hope it can hold that 250,000 gap. :)

ShinigamiGirl3514d ago

With Dissidia: Final Fantasy around the corner I think it will. :)

Gitaroo3514d ago

Capcom just need to release another monster hunter game for PSP :)

TheColbertinator3514d ago

I can't wait for Dissidia and Agito XIII

ZackFair3514d ago

Will destroy competition at launch.

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The story is too old to be commented.