Top 5 Super Mario Brothers Games

This list of the Top 5 Super Mario Brothers games contains a couple of surprises, as well as a few staple Mario games.

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BigSwede3465d ago

No Mario 64? This list is fail.

Son of Odin3465d ago

I play Mario 2 over Mario 64 all the time.

Bigbangbing3465d ago

Without Mario 64 this list is ... Epic Fail

sackboy says hi3465d ago

As u can see sackboy has a loooong way to go before it can be called the new mario people said it would be... :)


callahan093465d ago (Edited 3465d ago )

5. Super Mario 3
4. Super Mario 64
3. Super Mario Galaxy
2. Super Mario World
1. Super Mario Bros.

People hitting disagree buttons on people's lists are a bunch of morons. We're all entitled to our own opinion about this, and you can't expect everyone to agree with yours so what's the use of sitting behind your computer screen and pushing the disagree button every time someone's list puts games in a different order than you would? Get a life.

ChampIDC3465d ago (Edited 3465d ago )

But people are entitled to disagree with your opinion, so they can disagree all they want. Just because somebody disagrees with you doesn't mean you're wrong. As you said, it's just an opinion. No need to be so sensitive about disagrees.

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BigSwede3465d ago

How is SMB2 on this list over Mario64? Lame.

Son of Odin3465d ago

Get over it. Mario64 is completely overrated.

IzKyD13313465d ago

A list like this is almost entirely opinionated.
Some may prefer the transition to 3D that Mario64 did, but others may prefer the classic gameplay (im half and half)

steveg25643465d ago

Not only is it almost entirely opinionated, it is entirely opinionated. :-)

razorbladelight3465d ago

usually has the stupidest lists on their website. And their justifications for the game making the list is usually worse than the game they put in that list, but honestly, I liked this list (but their justifications were still stupid. These guys are no journalists). I think every one of those games held my attention, hell to this day SMW is still my favorite Mario game.

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PirateThom3465d ago

List is wrong, the correct answer is:

5. Super Mario Bros.
4. Super Mario Bros. 2 (JPN)
3. Super Mario 64
2. Super Mario Bros. 3
1. Super Mario World

DDP3465d ago


5. Mario DS
4. Mario Galaxy
3. Mario 64
2. Mario 1
1. Mario 3

DDP3465d ago

Mario World isn't even close to #1.

PirateThom3465d ago

I, admittedly, forgot about New Super Mario Bros... but would I remove Mario 1 for it?


And Super Mario World is, officially, the best game of all time on the best console of all time. THIS IS FACT! :P

MountainMaverick3465d ago


5. Mario64
4. Mario Galaxy
3. Mario World
2. Mario 1
1. Mario 3

Volvobug3465d ago

5. Mario 64
4. Mario1
3. Mario DS
2. Mario World
1. Mario3

IzKyD13313465d ago

5. Mario Galaxy
4. Mario 64
3. Mario World 1
2. Super Mario Brothers
1. Mario World 3

Mini Mario3464d ago

"And Super Mario World is, officially, the best game of all time on the best console of all time. THIS IS FACT! :P"


It has the best Hub. New Super Mario bros's hub sucked...bad. Great game tho.

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MountainMaverick3465d ago

Wow. For once I disagree with an Old-Wizard list. Mario64 needs to be on this. Probably at #4 or #5 though.

Volvobug3465d ago

hahaha....this list is pathetic.

heyheyhey3465d ago

haha... you have like 7 accounts buddy

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