NXE Countering Jasper's Benefits?

Split-Screen writes: "Microsoft's new Jasper chipset appears to address the burgeoning Red Ring of Death woes. But with the New Xbox Experience only compounding these problems in the older systems, you really have to question whether Microsoft's long over-due fixes with Jasper won't be hampered by the same. Especially since NXE glitches, like the RRoD and overheating, are yet to be amended."

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v1c1ous3459d ago

so why make an article about it?

Oner3459d ago

Uh well maybe because it IS unconfirmed, yet people have been saying it does without question...remember the last 2 hardware revisions where ALSO supposed to "fix" the issue. As the saying goes

"He that deceives me once, shame fall him; if he deceives me twice, shame fall me."

DNAgent3459d ago

There's an old saying in Tennessee — I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can't get fooled again.

Bnet3433459d ago

There's another saying that goes "Whoever smelt it, dealth it"

chaosatom3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

When all the good exclusive games have passed.

Since I own a Ps3, there is even less of a chance for me to buy an xbox next year, because of Multiplatform games, and better exclusives by next year.

PoSTedUP3459d ago

the 360 will have to wait until its proven to be fixed AND after i buy my HDTV and surround sound and my logitec steering wheel for granturismo plus all the games coming out and by then gears2 will be announced for PC so i will be better off buying a better graphics card for my comp. ya know. i see no use for the 360.

SCThor3458d ago

Buy a PC good enough to play those games not available on PS3. It will cost you around $400 and it will last, no fear of hardware failure.

tatical3458d ago

Nice Bush quote DNAgent!

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mikeslemonade3459d ago

We don't know it "neutralizes", but Jasper certainly is going to decease the faulty hardware percentage. There's noway Microsoft would make the hardware worst because they already suffered the consequence and are still suffering. Therefore this article is still valid you newb.

trancefreak3459d ago

Jasper looks very promising! I will wait till i know for sure its a jasper in the box that I am purchasing before i get another 360.

Bathyj3459d ago

How do you know they cant make it worse? Its pretty obvious they dont know how to make it right. They're just guessing at this stage.

buy a ps33459d ago

MS has lied to many times before (about the RROD). don't trust them. they are business men over at MS you pathetic self means nothing to them. so please don't fall for their tricks and lies.

Kleptic3459d ago

MS 100% admitted that the RRoD issues are a moving target...and that not one box revision is going to fix them entirely...

the 'jasper' will not fix it completely...all they have been doing over the past 2 years is reducing that ridiculously high failure rate...the jasper will be the most reliable 360 to date most likely...will be it considered a reliable electronic though?

Darkseider3458d ago


Windows 98SE --> Windows ME

Windows XP Pro --> Windows Vista

Office 2003 --> Office 2007

There are three quick examples of making it worse. Please NEVER underestimate the stupidity of the folks in Redmond.

lawgone3458d ago

Thanks for wasting our time with your unbiased comment "buy a PS3". By the way, Sony is a corporation too. Save up some money and you can buy both consoles and you won't have to be a fanboy anymore. If you can't, then please go to the open section.

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Funky Town_TX3459d ago

can someone please PM me on these issues. I will look them up for now. I did not know that there were NXE glitches.

ElementX3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

I haven't had any issues. I love NXE. It's really easy to read and navigate. I wish the XMB on PS3 was as easy to read. The txt is too small!

The only issue I have with XMB is the font size.

mrdxpr23459d ago

U are funny XMB is alot easier to use then NXE the NXE looks good but ms keeps making there menu hard to use...

No Way3459d ago

Uhm, I don't think the NXE is hard to use? o.O
But, that's just me, I guess..

Sure, it's a little difficult, or tricky.. shall I say, to find some stuff.
But, hard to use? Nawh.

Karum3458d ago

Font size is fine on my 40" LCD as far as the XMB is concerned.

What I do find a little small is the text when I am typing out a message to someone on my friendlist.

Dark_Overlord3458d ago

You do know that you can alter the font on the xmb?

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XDF3459d ago

My god can we stop with this non-sense. I am too busy playing WAW, GeOW2, Fable 2, L4D, and all of my 40 plus games on my x360 to worry about this BS. My x360 is going on 2 1/2 years and runs like butter. Can we post more interesting articles like when will Ps3 GT5 be released. Well, back to L4D and Gears.

Shmapanese3459d ago

yeah right dude,your such a liar lol
you know you got your heated towel on that sucker just tearing with anxiety that at any givin moment its gunna blast a RrOd in your face and wut?? uh oh-warranty expired? no way dude,for reals?
pffft lol fully laaammmeee.

Jager3459d ago

If you are too busy playing all those games, WHY THE F#CK ARE YOU POSTING ON N4G? on the GT5 note, X-mas, 09.

on topic, sure hope the new jasper will work.

ultimolu3459d ago

Love how some 360 fans brag about their many, MANY games and yet they find time to post here on N4G. xD

pathetic fanboys3458d ago

what like all the ps3 fanboy/fangirls do??

08 the year of teh ps3! it haz all teh gamez this year, teh grafix, teh on-line. teh beztz exclusives!!111 in teh history of gaming.

yet n4g is full to the brim with sony lovers that troll every 360 thread, and hype everything that has sony in the title!

please, think before you post stupid comments. i know n4g is an unofficial sony site, with fanboys and pathetic fanboy admin. but everyone knows the claims that are made on here by them concerning teh gamez, yet they never seem to be playing them???

strange that!

ultimolu3458d ago

Oh, I play games hun. Eleven games and counting.

My comment wasn't even stupid to begin with. You should be against all fanboys, not just Sony fanboys.

But nice rebuttal.
/major sarcasm

Rhoic3458d ago

Then why aren't you playing all of these 11(lol) games? I mean you post on EVERY blog on this site..

even though this site has lost about 95% credibility.. it's fun to read the comments and piss people off.

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xaviertooth3459d ago

same company, same garbage!

AuToFiRE3459d ago

so hard
so true
bubbles for you

Kaz Hirais Scrotum3458d ago

It's o.k., just continue to play with me.