GameVortex: Exit DS Review

GameVortex writes: "Some games just have a distinctive look, and this is one of them. Mostly the visuals draw on a silhouette art style, but there are some textures and colors that break the look a bit. Big differences in the look of each stage help keep tedium from setting in, as you migrate from burning to freezing to water-logged environments. There are some simple sequences that open each stage, done in a static, cartoon style. The lead character, Mr. Esc, has lots of neat animations and moves around with lots of panache. His so-called Companions are an interesting bunch, drawn in the same silhouette style, but with lots of variation in size and style. You can browse the Companions rescued in each level and read little blurbs about their backgrounds as you view a little snapshot of them. All this paints a neat picture of Exit DS as a game that stands out from the crowd with its graphics".

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