TGR Halo Wars Interview: Establishing a Genre

The Game Reviews recently caught up with Emsemble Studios' Dave Pottinger to get some information on the upcoming console RTS adaptation of Bungie's original franchise. Dave was happy to spill whatever he could about Halo Wars, and TGR was happy to listen.

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italianbreadman3520d ago

If they can make RTS work on consoles with this particular game, expect EVERYONE to follow suit

Nick27283520d ago

With the ending, or at least the temporary cessation of development, of FPS Halo titles this could be both a way to satisfy fans of the series and to try out new ways of branching the genre out. As both a RTS and FPS fan I'm really looking forward to see what Ensemble studios will accomplish with Halo Wars.

cain1413520d ago

I'm really hoping they sicced and start a trend. I love RTS games, but my PC is a tad out of date.

thegamereviews3520d ago

After playing the game at E3, and knowing it can only get better, this is going to be one good game.