Loot-Ninja: Mirror's Edge Review

Loot-Ninja writes: "With all original games, the first time out the gate always has issues, and this game is no exception. There are definite control issues, but when it comes to the graphics, and the attention to detail, it's been a while since I've seen such a beautiful game. I strongly recommend buying Mirror's Edge, not only because of the graphics, or the gameplay, or the originality, but because it will help you greatly when the next one comes out and is utterly perfect".

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dubbalubagis3340d ago

The first half of the game I really enjoyed. The latter half became annoying. I constantly was shot dead or completely lost. I do not enjoy looking up videos on youtube where to go next. That really ruined the entire experience for me.

I Make Stuff Up3340d ago

The second half focused too much on combat and not enough on the running aspect.
It's almost as if Dice were trying to cater to the FPS crowd, which is exactly what this game is NOT about.
Still, having much fun (in the server room level at the moment - almost done).

taz80803340d ago

I hear that motion sickness can set in pretty easily from this game, so those gamers that are weak in the stomach may be wary.

dubbalubagis3340d ago

Absolutely, I got massive motion sickness on a few occasions but I guess it could have been the medication I was taking at the time :)

MIA3340d ago

Thanks 4 the heads-up on the massive motion sickness, I'll skip this one then =)