Fallout 3 Prank Call

Someone decides to prank call "Coast to Coast AM with George Noory" by describing a dream that sounds very much like Fallout 3.

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Ru2711d ago

I listen to coast to coast and unfortunately this inst exactly a untypcal phone call, although most of the time the callers at least take the time to make up there own delusional stories.

MAR-TYR-DOM2711d ago

coast to coast is a pretty good radio program.

TheDude2dot02711d ago

I can't believe the video ended just when Crazy On You was starting!

bohemian 232711d ago

I really enjoy that show most of the time.

PikkonX2711d ago

Me too. I normally put a week's worth of the show on my PSP to listen to at work and it makes the time fly by. Someone also did a prank call pretending to be Gordon Freeman from the Half Life games.

Crazyglues2711d ago

The guy on the radio is like, "everything was nuked huh.." Then he's like, "oh god..." I think right there he knows it's fake. But he just plays along... LoL

But either way too funny... :)

shadowghost7522711d ago

WOw that was so stupid, must be a VERY slow news day

Premonition2711d ago

lol how is that guy gonna say the dream was kinda like fallout but then towards the end says the vault was 101, lol.

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