Game of the Year 08 : RPG (Vote now)

PS3clan started the Game of the Year 2008 elections. This week you can vote on category RPG..
Every week we will have 2 categories (10 in total) and each winner per category will be added to the final week where you can vote for your overall favorite game of 2008.

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TheColbertinator3401d ago

I voted for Senjo No Valkyria:Gallian Chronicles

sackboy says hi3401d ago

I hate RPG... :/

Give me the FPS game of the year...

Killzoe2 beta came out this year so i would say KILLZONE2 wins ;-D

ikiru33853401d ago

Fallout 3, by far.

Valkyria Chronicles in second place. That game should win sleeper hit of the year, though.

Slinger4203400d ago

To say anything aside from Fallout 3 would almost be a crime. That game is most definitely RPG of the year and probably overall game of the year.

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