NWR review of Quantum of Solace

Zachary Miller writes for NWR:

"Graphics: 5.0
Overall the visuals are not great, especially when we know the Wii is capable of the wonderful visuals in Metroid Prime 3. The framerate problem is a real bear, and it's annoying that some levels look good while others look horrible.

Sound: 8.0
The music is typically Bondesque, and most of the actors from the film reprise their roles here, including Daniel Craig and Dame Judy Dench.

Control: 8.0
Aside from my problems with the running/cover system, the controls are pretty tight. The map in my game was immobile.

Gameplay: 7.0
It's a standard FPS, with lots of running and even more gunning. There are some rusty spots, like spotting security cameras and deactivating them, but overall it's fine, with solid pacing and exciting shootouts.

Lastability: 6.0
Not much reason to play again after you've beaten it (which doesn't take long), although there are four difficulty settings. The online play will satiate players for awhile, but without a gamer score or the level-up systems of Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4 you might not stick around that long.

Final Score (Not an average): 6.0
The many graphical glitches really end up kicking Quantum in the teeth. However, the online play is worth a try, and the control scheme is very good overall. FPS fans might give the game a shot, but everyone else can safely look elsewhere."

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Maxned3394d ago

Much worse than that IMO... The online is pretty damn bad, there are tons of glitches and the framerate sucks. Id rented it and it wasnt even worth it...