Neocrisis - New Killzone 2 Video

Neocrisis - An additional video has surfaced which shows the saboteur.

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Irving3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

Wait till Firstknight trolls here with his silly counting

felidae3516d ago

looks really good.

not as intense as COD4 but still great.

buy a ps33516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

their were only 5 players per team in this game. but you can bet your sweet a$$ when their are 32 in a map it will get very intense.

Kleptic3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

haha yeah...that was nothing...that map will hold 32 if you want it to...

be the target in assassination (other team wants you specifically dead, and you get a big marker above your head so they know exactly where you are)...and see 15 of your teammates dig in to protect you, and 16 enemies all coming at you...all 31 of which are on screen in that courtyard fighting it out...and then tell me some other shooter is more intense...even R2 with its 60 player competitive mode has nothing on this, as those maps are way to big to promote any thing crazy...

also...this guy sucked at playing sabo...good sabos against inexperienced players can go a whole round without those players obviously had no idea what he was doing; he should have been able to get right up on each target, off them, and get out...its an awesome class...the disguise stays permanent, until you inflict damage on an enemy (like the cloak for the scout)...but enemies can see if they pay attention to their teammates names, their radar, and/or sweeping across you with their reticle (as that will turn red, instead of green)...its pretty balanced, as the weapon choices are not the best...but I love that class...once you kill someone in BG with a shotgun, then take it, you pretty much can't be beat...

karlostomy3516d ago

Will it be a ps3 system seller?

Why o why3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

sony take a leaf out of MS's book on this one and market the sh!t out of it. People need to see this running in their faces. Its truly pretty to look at

Kyur4ThePain3516d ago

I'm sure not a single gamer cares.

karlostomy3516d ago

Just because you don't doesn't mean other gamers Don't.

Seems so simple.

Kyur4ThePain3516d ago

Gamers are waiting for February to run out, buy the game, get home and play it.
Investors and fanboys are waiting to see what the sales numbers are.

xwabbit3515d ago

Only if they advertise, if they don't start now to get the hype in people it wont sell. Plz Sony be smart with this game.

karlostomy3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

By your one-size-fits-all mentality, gamers cannot enjoy games AND care about sales? Mutual exlusivity?
A very narrow definition for a narrow mindset, it seems.

But is ok with me, whatever bakes your turkey.

xwabbit3514d ago

Y wouldn't gamers care about sales ? The bigger sales means bigger community. Every smart gamer should love having a bigger community.

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EastCoastSB3516d ago

That guy was awful. Who gets taken out by a sniper at point blank, when you look like that team!?!?!?!

thewhoopimen3516d ago

That was an extremely retarded video... what saboteur changes appearance and then runs straight into an enemy's gunsight and just starts shooting? He didn't flank or anything. If this is how most saboteurs play, I won't be very worried in KZ2...

Kleptic3516d ago

yeah...they don't all play like that...some are extremely good...especially those that mix the boost badge with they can get in and kill you nearly instantly, and be gone just as quickly...

2 saboteurs working together like that are nearly impossible to beat...

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