European Charts for Week Ending 22nd November 2008


1.Wii Sports-Nintendo-WII
2.Wii Fit-Nintendo-WII
3.Mario Kart-Nintendo-WII
4.Call Of Duty: World At War-Activision-X360
5.Call Of Duty: World At War-Activision-PS3
6.Wii Play-Nintendo-WII
7.PES 2009: Pro Evolution Soccer-Konami-PS2
8.Wii Music-Nintendo-WII
9.Gears of War 2-Microsoft-X360
10.Need for Speed: Undercover-Electronic Arts-PS3


Console Weekly Total
DS 587,758 (+32%) 35,079,900
WII 410,995 (+34%) 13,925,876
X360 230,491 (+43%) 8,996,074
PS3 131,094 (+17%) 8,154,586
PSP 110,374 (+21%) 14,968,729
PS2 89,894 (+19%) 50,720,75

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jamesrocks31473462d ago

needs to do something about the ps3's price before xmas even tho they say they wont do anything about it. its goin to hurt the ps3 now microsoft has the lead in eourpe which they didnt have before. this is only vgcharts i will wait to see NPDs results.

she00win993462d ago

NPD results is only for US

chaosatom3462d ago

How can it predict worldwide or Europe Numbers? lol.

morganfell3462d ago

No, you need to do something about buying into inaccurate numbers of VGChartz.

The Killer3462d ago

-1,000,000 from 360 install base in pal or
+1,000,000 on the ps3 install base in pal

AAACE53462d ago

I wish Sony or MS would do something about the Wii!

I can't believe the console and it's software are still selling that well... Nintendo needs to get knocked off their high horse, so they are forced to come up with another great Zelda game!

Naaah! I'm just tired of seeing the same titles as their top sellers.

I'm surprised there isn't a fanboy riot in here for the Ps3 360 thing! But then again, I didn't read all the post so it may be happening as I speak...

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socomnick3462d ago

heheh 100k huh, good job MS. Go for the jugular and announce halo 4 - start another fight.

Danja3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

hope you know that these figures are just guesstimates...

everyone knows we wont see a true Halo sequel until the next Xbox is launched.

either way the Price cut is working for M$...they're looking good going into the holidays.

DS and Wii figures are crazy

BTW : can we stop approving VGchartz articles these are flamebait articles

happyface3462d ago

whoa? isn't this the region ps3 was supposed to sell best in and crush 360?

doesn't europe prefer sony???

PirateThom3462d ago

The 360 has two units priced cheaper than the Wii and these numbers are just guesses.

PS3 still has a massive lead over the 360 this year.

pathetic fanboys3462d ago

yep everyone knows that vgchartz is just a guesstimate when they paint the 360 in a good light, but become credible when the ps3 is on top.

but, seeing as vgchartz is crap, could you post the links which validate what you claimed above me.

"PS3 still has a massive lead over the 360 this year" i'm sure alot of people would be interested in seein an accurate figure that encompasses the whole worlds figures. thanks in advance.

titntin3462d ago

A lot of people who hadn't bought into a HD gaming system have snapped up the cheap 360's.

Not only have the prices been slashed, but there are tons of offers available too - like an elite with 4 games for under £200 (instead of £260 for the machine alone) - or arcade units on sale for less that £100 in the supermarkets.
Given the prices and offers, its no wander theres a big spike in sales, and though it will fall a bit, the price difference will ensure the new momentum continues until theres a price cut on PS3...

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