MadCatz' threat: Remove negative posts about our products or else

Malloc writes:

"The Catz at MadCatz seem to have become really mad at about a recent post we made regarding their officially licensed Manchester United FC gear which doesn't look all that pretty. Their ever so busy "global communications manager got in touch to ask that the story be removed or modified or else he will have no choice but to remove MaxConsole from his press database."

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Solid_Dawg3460d ago

but i gotta admit, it doesnt look all that bad

zag3460d ago

It's the team logo... what else do you really want on it.

I've found the Madcatz stuff to be better than some of the so called "better" companies.

chasuk083460d ago

Dam thats ugly, you cant beat the elegantly designed, PS3 and 360 controllers.

SmokedOut3460d ago

If the negative post was legit then screw them.

thereapersson3460d ago

"BAAAAHHHHHHHH We don't like you badmouthing our products through freedom of press!!!!"

Get real, MadC*ntz...

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The story is too old to be commented.