$199 Not the Magic Blu-ray Price After All

The general consensus, among experts, analysts and other blowhards has long been that when Blu-ray players legitimately hit $199, the format would finally go mainstream.

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socomnick3435d ago

Bluray adoption isnt dependent on price, its depended on hdtv adoption.

donator3435d ago

We must also factor in the fact that the economy is very bad.

Aclay3435d ago (Edited 3435d ago )

For once I actually agree with Socomnick.

I've always said that more HDTV sales = more Blu-ray adoption. Plus, there's a lot of people that still might not even know what Blu-ray is even though they may have already gone HD, but eventually they'll make the upgrade.

If $199 Blu-ray players isn't enough to make them "Go Blu", maybe The Dark Knight will start talking to them on store shelves begging to be watched in it's glorious HD, and maybe then they'll Go Blu.

PoSTedUP3435d ago

yea once the price on high deff tv's comes down and more people can afford them, blu-ray sales will go up, commonsense.

Tarasque3435d ago

That's odd everybody i know owns a HDTV set, and one of the main reasons they say the wont adopt blu ray yet is cause the price of disk. And i as i say to, no way in h3ll i will pay 30 bucks for a movie.

0verdrive3435d ago

damn i thought i had an amazing thought to share, and looks like socomnick stole my fire.

theres no reason to buy a bluray player unless you have a hdtv. thats like buying a dvd player, and watch dvds on a black and white tv. well... not exactly the same thing, but its a fair comparison. bluray offer no advantages to the average consumer who owns a standard definition tv, and it wont completely catch on until hdtvs are standard. thats not to say, however, that it will do poorly; it will just not explode until hdtvs are common in peoples houses.

cherrypie3435d ago

You must also factor in that the market always chooses value.

MP3 vs. CD.
Beta vs. VHS

And now, Digital Download movies/TV and Video-on-Demand are going to repeat MP3 vs. CD.

For audio/videophiles? Maybe BR will find a home. In the mass market? As a replacement to DVD? Not a snow-ball's chance in hell.

Bittorrent transfer of Movies / TV and music is *already* more than half of the traffic on the entire internet -- the masses are *already* moved to Digital Download.

Captain Tuttle3435d ago

Socomnick, you didn't read the article. It states that although half of American homes have HD sets only 8% of holiday shoppers are considering Blu-Ray.

It all comes down to bad timing for Sony. The economy has tanked just as sales normally would ramp up.

JsonHenry3435d ago (Edited 3435d ago )

The problem is not 100% the price of the Blu_ray player. It has to do with things like -

1- the price of the blu-ray movies themselves compared to standard DVDs

2- the quality of standard DVDs are really good without even being in HD.

3- Go to blockbuster and try to rent a Blu-Ray movie. Not much of a selection, is there?

4- $199 is a lot of money to ask a consumer to upgrade when their current setup is "good enough" for them.

5- The world wide economy slump has people saving their pennies again.

We can talk till we are blu in the face (pun intended) but until the consumers actually see it setup and running in HD in their homes they will probably never adopt Blu-ray until the price comes down.

percephone3435d ago

so? A decade ago, i would go to the video store and the DVD selection was abysmal. THe major plus in the BR debate is that the studios have adopted it.

Monchichi0253435d ago

My friend, you hit the nail right on the head. There is no SINGLE reason why BluRay is failing. It is a combination of many things all at once that has held back the BluRay adoption.
And to those people banking the BluRay's success on the Dark Knight or any single are being naive. Sure it's a great movie...but good enough to spent well over $200 just to watch it compared to on an up scale DVD player??? Ummm, we can wait a couple of years. It is a movie, not a videogame afterall. We watch it like 2 or 3 times (6-7 hrs) and that's it. Videogames get a lot more time then that!!

Liquid Dust3435d ago

My parents who are HD tv owners, have been looking for the next step to HD programming and movies. They are a little timid due to their lack of knowledge of technology and needed that extra push. the $199 Sony bdps350 totally changed their most wanted list for the holidays.

They are really looking forward to getting the Pirates trilogy, and pre-ordered the bourne trilogy that comes out next january. I was really suprised by there sudden high interest. That price point has something to do with it.

But i can understand that non-HD owners could have a hard time justifying the switch

MNicholas3435d ago (Edited 3434d ago )

well you get the drift.

I'll help them out by starting their next article:

"$199 not the Magic GAME CONSOLE price afterall

The general consensus, among experts, analysts and other blowhards has long been that when GAME CONSOLES legitimately hit $199, the device would finally go mainstream. Well, $200 Xbox360s are all over the place yet ..."

mhr5123434d ago

I saw an entire palate stacked with blu ray players disappear in less than 2 minutes on Friday. Crappy magnavox players... $124 each @ walmart.

People were also buying non name brand LCD TV's. Passing up Samsung LCD's....

I think people value price over quality.

wallace10003434d ago (Edited 3434d ago )

We are finally seeing stand alone players that are giving us the performance for a price that isn't outrageous, so i can see that increasing adoption. Lets face it, everyone who wants a blu ray player doesn't want a PS3 and until the likes of the Panasonic bd35 were released no other player was at the performance level of the PS3.

Jecht3434d ago

Please don't tell me you actually believe the B.S. you just typed. Tell me that there isn't someone who's THAT naive and uninformed.

Agent VX3434d ago

Plain and simple, bluray players and bluray movies are too expensive. And until the prices come down, still quite drastically, bluray will never succeed as the mainstream format.

ThanatosDMC3434d ago

I was at Fry's (as usual) and people are buying HDTVs 50"+... but only to see them return them. I think, i know why too. It's been raining since friday and they thought it'd be a super great idea to put a $1500+ HDTV in the back of pickup trucks!

TheDude2dot03434d ago

Just ignore cherrypie. It makes him happy when someone retaliates because it means someone actually listened to some of his nonsense.

Fallen_Angel3434d ago

I guess ps3 fanboys have zero reading skills. It states that 50% of all homes now have HD Tv's and people are still not interested in blu ray. Everyone I know would buy a blu ray for 200 dollars if the movies werent 30-40 dollars. I was looking at them the other day and notice a movie that was 25 dollars an old movie from like the 80's that I could get on dvd for like 5 dollars.

0verdrive3434d ago

todays technological generation is all about instant gratification.

bluray fails because it did not instantly take over the dvd market! /sarcasm

this console generation will last less than 5 years! /sarcasm

bd tech has only been out for 2-3 years now, and as many people have point out it has a higher adoption rate than dvd did back in the day. but all the fanboys here want to make it look like bluray fails because they somehow associate bluray with sony. bluray is doing fine, and bluray != sony, so all the fanboys and doomspellers for bluray need to pipe down.

lsujester3434d ago

I personally think a lot of it has to do with disc price point. I have a blu-ray player, and absolutely love it. But do I buy 30-35 dollar movies? Hell no! I rent and enjoy just fine.

The only ones I own are Planet Earth collection, Iron Man, and Transformers... and that's only because they were birthday gifts from my six-digit income brother.

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mikeslemonade3435d ago

Who said $199 was the magic price? It was the bitter HD-dvd/360 people who said $199 would be the magic price for HD-DVD. Not enough of the great movies have come out on blu-ray. Batman will push blu-ray and sell PS3s.

Monchichi0253434d ago

Just like how you told us that MGS4, Resistance 2 and LBP would push PS3 over the 360. Let me guess, it is now KillZone 2 which will do that???

Str8laced3434d ago

OOOOOOOOO burn baby burn!!!!

ReBurn3434d ago

So now it's Batman that will finally win people over? I thought that was going to be 300. Then it was going to be when Transformers finally released for Blu-Ray. Wait, wasn't it Iron Man?

It isn't a single movie that will win people over to Blu-Ray. It's when consumers really have no other choice.

wallace10003434d ago

What ReBurn said. Mikeslemonade you have got to stop saying this is going to be the one for blu ray or this is going to be the one for the PS3 because after you have done it eleventy billion times people are just going to start ignoring what you say. I agree that sales of the dark knight are going to be very good, there is no doubt in my mind, however i don't think people are going to rush out and buy a blu ray player for it. Hardcore movie fans or those with excess cash will have a blu ray player already or be thinking about getting one and the added value of more and more good movies being released will sweeten the deal. I believe that for the casual viewer, for the lack of a better term, price is the all mighty key. So if you are going to talk about the "one" for blu ray then i think you should be talking about price because i guarantee that if you look in households today there are more $50-$100 dvd players than there are $150-$200 players.

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D-Throne3435d ago

With the economy as it is these days, I don't think people will be willing to spend much money on a new format, especially if they aren't familiar with it. I'm sure when Blu-ray becomes mainstream (when news are talking about it), and when the economy gets back on its feet, Blu-ray will be the norm.

Liquid Dust3435d ago

The local Best Buy I went to on black friday was pretty quiet. They over compensating for Blu-Ray players big time. The whole store was filled with LCD tvs ready to pick up to go along with probably thousands of blu ray players and PS3s strewn across the floor at multiple locations in the store.

SeNiLe9113434d ago

LOL, I had some friends over last night and that is what some thought Blu-Ray was, a Fish.

wallace10003434d ago

You know what those disagrees mean right?
You didn't go to Best Buy and you definitely don't know what you saw :-P

TapiocaMilkTea3434d ago

haha, blu ray fish. They should have used that as their icon.

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Close_Second3435d ago

...with such use of the word "blowhards". Suggests a fanboy posting from someone who is against blu-ray succeeding as a format.

celldomceen13435d ago

with any new technology time is needed before it can become widespread. Blu ray is still fairly new. i know people who didnt start buying dvds until they got their kids a ps2. i think that once people see the big budget movies in HD it will take off like it should because even a bad blu ray is light years ahead of a dvd and dvds just look horrible on hdtvs IMO.

Anon19743434d ago (Edited 3434d ago )

Yet another blog claiming Blu-Ray sales are poor, blah blah blah. Shouldn't they wait until actual Holiday sales data comes out, because until it does stating only 8% of consumers are considering Blu-Ray is just speculation? The price point of Blu-Ray's is no different than when DVD's first came out when you adjust for inflation. And you have to ask yourself, if half of the US is switching to HD tv's, what are they planning on watching? Why bother buying an HD tv at all if you don't feed it some sort of HD signal? Of course more people are going to be adding HD content over time and Blu-Ray's are the best way to go for anyone serious about home theater. It's a no brainer, yet here's another article flying in the face of common sense.

I went down to my local HMV store when Wall-E launched on my lunch break. All the Blu-Ray copies of Wall-E were sold out before noon. I had to hit 3 stores before I found one that still had it in stock. Obviously the demand is there. Retailers will figure it out - and people will start to see Blu-Ray at their buddy's house and ask "Why doesn't my HDTV look that great?"