Eurogamer: Sonic Unleashed Wii Review

So let's not get carried away. Sonic Unleashed on the Wii is a very different game to its lumpy 360 and PS3 counterparts, and that's a good thing, but it's still not quite a return to form. Stripped of unnecessary narrative nonsense and forced to use new camera views and level designs, it's simply a more satisfying rendition of the same thing, more faithful to the original series and undoubtedly the version that Sonic fans should pick up. The werehog character remains a clumsy fit, and Unleashed is no great shakes when considered against today's top-tier platformers, but if nothing else it's at least less frustrating, and therefore more fun to play, than its rather ugly sisters on the HD consoles.

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Shnazzyone3519d ago

It's comforting to see that for once stripping a game for wii was beneficial. Though at the same time i'm bothered that sega has released another sonic stinker. I'm gonna go play sonic 3 now.

TheColbertinator3519d ago

Sonic 3 was great.I spent months on that masterpiece