Six Titles That'll Work on Nearly Any Machine

Eric Schild writes:

"It's inevitable. You have to visit the parents or grandparents, or if you're an orphan - somebody. This generic familial being generally has a crap computer. But all is not lost. Thanks to sites like,, and various other digital distribution outlets, you can still find things that'll run on nearly any machine. While this list may not be available at some of the usual suspects, most can be found on the web - or better yet, you should already own them. Honestly, they're all must-play titles, even if they're fairly obvious. Really, if you're anything like me, you always make sure you have a gaming vacation during a real vacation. That is, unless you're at a beach. Anyway, here are the title I took on my most recent vacation, and I'd recommend them to you without hesistation."

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JsonHenry3521d ago

There was no mention of Baldur's Gate 2 or Icewind Dale? How about Red Alert 2 or StarCraft?

digger183521d ago

Damn I forgot about Baldur's Gate 2, I loved that game.

I'm off to install it now :)

yog-sothot3521d ago

very good list ! I agree with people above, BG2 should be there too. BG2 and Deus Ex are my favourites games all time, all platmorms

Tempist3521d ago

It's a great list and I'm glad to own 5/6 of those (Planscape torment is 4 CDs... massive at the time)

Remember, these are games that will run on any computer out there. Also remember it's the writers list, not a difinitive list.

DaKid3521d ago

I loved Planescape: Torment, really one of my favorite games ever. I am off to try and find my copy, that I am sure I packed away.

Jim Hawking3521d ago

About 2 weeks ago, out of my disappointment of fallout 3, I decided to play Fallout 2 again. Fallout 2, best game period.

QQcrybaby3521d ago

Baldur's Gate II is my favorite game ever by a large margin.

Swarm3521d ago

Playing Fallout 2 right now and Fallout 3 is the furthest thing from my mind... they really don't make em like they use-to.