Video Games Vs Real Life

Alasdair writes:

"Since the dawn of time, there have been conflicts. Men Vs Women, Right Vs Wrong, the list goes on. But have we really gotten to the bottom of any of these? Well now, it's time to solve a conflict so steeped in history that some of you just might not be old enough to remember when it began."

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Timesplitter143491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

Man that's BS. I'm super beef and I do shoryukens and backflips ALL THE TIME. All this while playing Stairway to Heaven on two guitars at once.

It's because of my super-manly gamer powers

Magic_The_Celt3490d ago

P.S the guy in the picture is Zhuk

yesah3490d ago

uhh "wouldn’t you rather spend £70 on a game that actually lets you feel like the best thing to ever pick up an axe than spend preposterous amounts of money on an original Gibson that you’ll get tired of after a month?"

beginners shouldnt get expensive guitars, there are some for under $100. Video Games vs. Real Life is no argument, video games are a part of real life and only just a part.