New Xbox 360 model may be Red Ring killer

Reports of the "Jasper" model of the Xbox 360 have been reported to have been in stores since as early as late September, and now a newer report gives us some better details on what to look for, particularly the output voltage on the power brick.

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tocrazed4you3515d ago

to late for the rrod casualties were high already

PoSTedUP3515d ago

if this is true... i will buy one after i buy my HDTV, my logitec racing wheel for GT5, surround sound, some more games and, by then i dont think i will want one, but i will buy one anyways for gears2 and forza2... just for the heck of it.

Bnet3433515d ago

Better them fix it now than not fix it at all.

bomboclaat_gamer3515d ago

if so then ima sell both my xbox 360s. i need ur xbox to rrod tho. so i can fix them to make money to buy my dream house. i can repair E74 and RROD. without broken xbox 360s how would i make the extra money to take my girl out.

Kigmal wassup

Bnet3433515d ago

yo bombaclaat why the hell are you spamming my inbox you douche. on live and n4g, eff you

Yipee Bog3514d ago

Will the disc be stuck in it? Btw, do fixed 360's come w/ the new chip? If so, I would actually like for it to die on me. Better to happen now then later when the warranty is up. I've had it a little over a year, so far only a couple freezes

vhero3514d ago

the last model of 360 was supposed to kill RROD IT DIDNT so why should this one?? MS lied to you before and people traded in their consoles this is another SCAM to sell more consoles. MS are only selling more consoles through lies and SCAMS RROD has helped them more that you think!

cRaZyLeGs 933514d ago

No, you can eject the disc when you get RROD

Yipee Bog3514d ago

dont feel like being out 65 bucks too

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Timesplitter143515d ago

Bring it back to the base. If we analyse it, we may find a cure to the virus!

buy a ps33515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

THEY FIXED IT... I better throw away the one I allready have. and run out and spend 349$ on the one that does not break

Anon19743514d ago

Maybe that was the plan all along. Take our money, give us a little taste and then nail us again for a product that's actually reliable. It'd be brilliant if we didn't know that financially it backfired so dramatically. According to MS's fiscal updates the 360 has lost their games division over 3 billion between the warranty and R&D costs. At the current rate of $400-500 million a year now that they're finally making money, it'll take them 6 years at this rate to even break even on the 360. When you figure in XBL memberships bring in about $650 million a year, don't hold your breath waiting for MS to give you a break there. Take away XBL subscription fees and suddenly MS games division still isn't making a dime.

really randumb3515d ago

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Funky Town_TX3515d ago

bacon is good I like it on salads and sandwiches.

Final_Rpg3515d ago

You might have sounded intelligent if your entire comment wasn't just copypasta from wiki.

LinuxGuru3514d ago

There's nothing wrong with copy-pasting wikipedia =P

CloudsEnd3514d ago

We all did copy-pasta from wiki in school when we were lazy!

@Mr Bacon in Salad and Sandwich


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GlibGamer3515d ago

Finally, I can get another 360. They make good media extenders.

GlibGamer3514d ago

And so does my spare old Pentium4 1.4GHz PC... Yes, but I'm talking about cost vs. ability vs. usage.

I have a PS3, it's in my living room right next to my 360. But, I'm not going to spend $300+ on another PS3 just to stream some video and play a few games while I'm winding down after a long day.

Let's not make this a PS3 vs. 360 argument, since my post isn't intended to be troll or flamebait. Let me have my opinion, especially when it isn't biased. Good God. So many polarized people on this site.

Let me say it again: I'M NOT PICKING SIDES! I own all consoles and rate them on MERIT, not "cool points" or what my little friends on the playground think.

devilhunterx3514d ago

They will be able to find a cure for AIDS before they can find one for RROD :P

SaiyanFury3514d ago


I respect you for your not taking any sides, but I'm having trouble understanding your post. You already own a PS3 yet you're not going to spend another 300 dollars on another PS3 to stream media to? Why not just use the one you already have? Lord knows it's painless and very efficient.

GlibGamer3514d ago

Sorry if it's confusing.

I'm going to leave the PS3 in the living room where it is. I want a console in the bedroom so I can stream movies to it wirelessly. I hate tearing my entertainment center apart to move consoles, hence the additional console purchase.

It's nothing against any console, it's all about the cost to install the unit and get it running. No idea how people can disagree with that. :D

SaiyanFury3514d ago

I can understand that. Our bedroom isn't large enough to accommodate a shelf to house a console, otherwise that'd be cool. For me, I just leave my systems hooked up in the front room. That's where I do about 99% of my home theatre viewing anyways.

Rhoic3514d ago

I was a netflix subscriber before the NXE.. I was worried the selection on the Instant Stream list would be poor.. I am shocked. Full TV series, Movies from classics to new, some are now HD. I am very happy this is on my 360.

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