Reuters Leaves Second Life

"We're still reporting on Second Life, but only as part of our usual tech and media coverage," a Reuters spokeswoman confirmed to The Register (via Game Politics). After only two years of activity, one of the world's leading news services decided to end its virtual branch in the world of Second Life, and it may have taken a month-and-a-half for anyone to notice. The last entry on their site is dated September 30.

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Captain Tuttle3517d ago

I'm surprised they lasted that long.

cherrypie3517d ago


The 3D Virtual Doll house crazy is bust.

Google got in the game for a while, and even GOOGLE just shut down (its 3D virtual world).

Second Life is failing too.

Sony missed the 3D virtual world crazy by 3 years (at least). Home will be totally dead on arrival.

Software_Lover3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

You're wrong. People who called second life garbage, but follow anything said company of the second life makeover, like the bible, will love it.

They are already (the blind followers) calling it better than the online model of their direct competition. And the blind followers of their competition are fighting back non stop.

(sorry, tried not to use the word F****y, M*******t, or S**y, LOL)

JohnnyMann4203517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

I make decent dough from Secondlife and yeah the economy is hitting that game hard, but that is it.

I never understood why Reuters would jump into that game as there is only drama to report. I use the term "game" loosely. They reported on nothing pretty much.

Secondlife will still be around but it's pretty obvious to most "residents" that the bubble has already burst.

People saying that Secondlife is failing is kind of misinformed. I don't think SL will just fail. There are enough users to keep it up, plus it's open source so even after it goes down, there will be user run servers etc. They have the future laid out pretty well.

The reason it is rapidly declining is because not a lot of people spend real money on virtual items in a bad economy. Makes sense.

Volvobug3517d ago

sweden has an embassy in second life. thats the worst.