Massively: One Shots: Angel at war

The ships in EVE Online may be varied in look, size, and function - but all of them are extremely well modeled and lovely to look at. As many only get a chance to see other ships in battle, Massively is glad to present this ship today as part of One Shots. This particular screenshot comes to them from their very own Brendan "Nyphur" Drain, who writes the entertainingly informative column for them, EVE Evolved. Brendan tells them a bit about this ship today: "This is an NPC Angel battleship. The Guardian Angels are a pirate faction that use primarily Minmatar weaponry such as auto-cannons and artillery. The ship seen here is called a Machariel and a version of it is available for players, with limited run blueprints dropped as rare loot at the end of hard-to-find complexes (dungeons)."

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