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SixTwoTwo3432d ago

Keep your eyes on this one RPG fans :)

R_19933432d ago

I'm all eyes xD

Any idea on when it should be coming out?

kindi_boy3432d ago

and don't expect it anytime soon and if they put down a release date expect 4 to 5 delays after that.

they take for ever to do anything but the result is always good.

Qdog3432d ago

I loved the World of the Witcher, and the story of Geralt... It was incredibly easy to become fully immersed in that world, and be involved in such a way that the clock spins out of control. I am very excited, and I cant wait to bring it on the console, "Witcher style"...

Raoh3432d ago

sounds amazing and looks the same

let me just also say how its nice to seen an unbiased developer address their games.

throughout the interview just said console version. and toward then said there would be achievement and trophy support as well as sixaxis.

sounds like he doesnt care what microsoft and sony are fighthing about but just wants his game to be awesome on both systems.

i'm keeping an eye on this one.

is there a target release date?

alster233432d ago

well it kinda seems hes downplaying the pc version

sirbigam3432d ago (Edited 3432d ago )

Na Roah it was a pc game I dont think they'll have a probem putting it on the 360 and making it look good, but it's nice to hear that he actuually talked about the ps3's sixaxis & trophies no surprize there it's a requirement now. Hopefully he dosn't port it from the 360

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The story is too old to be commented.