New Killzone 2 screenshots

Guerrilla Games published three new screenshots from Killzone 2 spectator mode. Check them out.

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TheExecutive3434d ago

I am really surprised at the amount of things taken straight from NeoGaf. Everything new that I have seen has originated from the forums.

Firstkn1ghT3434d ago

1,000,002 and counting...

Kaze133434d ago

Your tears are ze best in the world of n4g.

Jinxstar3434d ago

To any mod... Seriously PM me as to why this guy is not in the open zone. Really does he pay people off or something?

Jamaicangmr3434d ago

It hurts doesn't it? comments like yours does nothing to change the fact that this game is amazing so i encourage to sit tight for number 1,000.003+.

Grow up.

Timesplitter143434d ago (Edited 3434d ago )

It just makes less bubbles for you and more satisfaction for PS3 fans to see that you're jealous.

Why o why3434d ago

for some alan wake screenshots ;)

doshey3434d ago

wasnt alan wake to be shown at tgs this year what happen there or did i miss something

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xtreampro_REVENGE3434d ago (Edited 3434d ago )

hey this is still the Pre-Alpha-Build, the build thats gonna be shown on 4th December is the actuale near to completion build, say about 92/100% conmplete, so i cant wait to see how much thats improved, it probably now matches the 2005 CGI 101%!, GOOD JOB GuerrillaGames!

Timesplitter143434d ago

It already surpasses it. If you look back at the target render, it looks bland and MUCH less awesome than right now.

King_many_layers3434d ago

he last build we saw was pre beta of the single player, the next build should be at the last stage merely needing final touches here and there.

and I agree, they've done a fantastic job. I can't wait to see them build upon this engine and create a superior version ( hopefully split screen support )

xtreampro_REVENGE3434d ago

it surpasses in everything but in animation and debri, but they don't show it until 4th December, so the animations and the amount of destructibility including the amount of debri on the floor has probably changed

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The story is too old to be commented.