Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon - Powers and Abilities Trailer

GamingShogun writes, "THQ has released a new trailer for 'Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon'. This game is from THQ. This game is coming for the Xbox 360 on December 1st. The PS3 version, however, will only be available in Europe and is slated for a February release. This new trailer shows off some of Crypto's new powers and abilities..."

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Cajun Chicken3374d ago

This looks awesome.
Crypto rocks...or...Jives...because he's in the 70's...?
I wonder if it has co-op mode like 'DAH! 2'?

Just judging by this trailer, I think we may have an up and coming dev nobody expect from some of the Ex-Sandblast members. These guys look too good to vanish forever.

Actually, call me speculative; just from this trailer. But I see a potential Crackdown 2 dev here.

Andreas-Sword3374d ago

I think, this is a very interesting game!