Chinese Democracy Gives Hope to Duke Nukem Forever

Maybe you missed it last weekend, but on November 23, 2008, Guns N' Roses released their 6th album, "Chinese Democracy", after a 15 year wait! Many had given up all hope of ever seeing the album and had moved on, but apparently good things come to those who wait, as the record is getting good reviews.

So, what does this have to do with gaming? Well, here in the gaming world we have our own version "Chinese Democracy" - it's called Duke Nukem Forever. At this point, we've been waiting for this game for 11 years. It was announced in 1997, and slated to be released mid-1998, and has gone through innumerable engines and iterations, still with no release in sight; last anyone heard it was slated for a late-2008 release, but we're not holding our breath. No one ever expected to see Guns N' Roses release "Chinese Democracy" and seeing it be released ignites a little hope that one day, soon(?), we might get out hands on Duke Nukem Forever.

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I love this album, i'm on it :)

fafoon3520d ago



LebaNoob3520d ago

but not great.

Muse FTW!

KineticX3520d ago

Death Magnetic is awesome
Chinese Democracy is pathetic

LebaNoob3520d ago

I dunno man. I'm a big fan of the band, but few songs in Death Magnetic match up to the awesomeness that was the old Metallica.
I mean, look at the older songs like Master of Puppets, One, Enter Sandman, Fade to Black... Instant classics. I can't see any of the new songs reaching that level.

KineticX3520d ago

Not the same level of greatness.

But they've shown some real instrumental skill in this new album. Especially Broken, Beat and Scarred, amazing instrmentals.

InMyOpinion3520d ago

Death Magnetic sounds like an amateur garage band trying to play Metallica songs. It's completely soulless.

Chinese democracy is not Gun's n' Roses. It's Axl and some studio musicians from which he bought the songs.

TheDude2dot03520d ago

God Chinese Democracy sucked. It did not sound like GnR at all. Axl wasted 15 years making a crap album.

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Timesplitter143521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

Well I hope they don't ruin it and that they concentrate on the PC version first.

JonahFalcon3521d ago

1. They've been "concentrating" on the PC version for 11 years.
2. PC and Xbox 360 both use DirectX.

JsonHenry3520d ago

I think he meant more along the lines of -

I hope they don't "consolify" it with dumbed down graphics, dumbed down gameplay, and dumbed down controls like they did with the last two Rainbow Six games and Far Cry 2.

Marquis_de_Sade3520d ago

Regarding the rainbow six games, that was just a stupid decision by ubisoft, the old rainbow six games on Xbox 1 were excellent, but vegas 1 and 2 are both garbage.

YoMeViet3521d ago

they should change the name to "Duke Nukem Forever Delayed"
as in never ever gonna be completed.....ever...seriously ....never ever!

Johnny Rotten3521d ago

It's news like this that must make Too Human proud!

Mr PS33520d ago

Wont be out for at least Fifteen years then

Screw you Axel Pose

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