Top 5 Games this Christmas

This Christmas is going be tough what with the credit crunch and all. But here are five games that, skint or not, have to be on your christmas list.

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LightningPS33400d ago

But I don't agree. Little Big Planet Belongs on there.

littletad3400d ago

If the moderation hadn't gotten so damn pathetic and if they would have just launched a required system update to fix the song instead of delaying the game so close to release, then maybe we'd be in a different situation here. They said there is suppose to be some six figure advertising coming for the game in December, which is great, but why so darn late? And the moderation hurts the game so much. Idk I mean Life imitates art you know and vice versa. Since this is suppose to be user generated content, we should be able to create whatever the heck we want without any way of getting a profit, but simply enjoying a game that can and should imitate anything. Original creations are awesome, but some of us only know what we've seen and liked.


Wow, this just got approved...

time of first comment..1day ago...... :/

Timesplitter143399d ago

If only there was a better way to sort levels in LBP...

Snake Raiser3399d ago

IT needs to become a top 10 list. Add R2 at 3rd. MGS4 at 1st and LBP somewhere on the list. If you like the Xbox 360 fine. Gears could be 2nd or something. But the Son of BIG BOSS should have a place on the list.

Milky Joe3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

@ 1.1 LittleTad:

The moderation really isn't as big an issue as everyone is making out. A lot of the levels that are removed are put back up within a few days. The way the system works is that if anything gets reported it is taken down straight away, checked and if nothing is wrong it's put back up. The system would work fine but some spastics have taken it upon themselves to report all the decent levels just to cause a stir.

Luckily Mm are working on a new system which will avoid this issue. So don't blame Mm, blame humanity.

As for copyright infringement, you can have the best will in the world but if you're breaking the law and are caught, you're going to get burnt. And where big corporations are concerned, you're talking one very expensive fire.

Mayle3399d ago

Replace Call of Duty with Resistance 2

Mozilla893398d ago

All 360 exclusives or multi-platform titles...I guess the guy hasn't played a PS3 game this winter.

Beast_Master3398d ago

Narrow minded list. All shooters, yes you even shoot in Fable 2, and Fallout is half shooter half RPG.

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3400d ago
Spike473400d ago

Otherwise, LittleBigplanet would easily replace L4D or Call of Duty 5 for that matter. Heck Resistance 2 would be a better choice rather than COD5. I played both BTW.

happyface3399d ago

lbp and r2 are flops - they were left out on purpose

This article is about the BIG holiday titles everyone is excited about and are getting attention

0verdrive3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

lbp and r2 were FLOPS?!


in what sense? commercially? which have absolutely no bearing on whether a game is good or not? on top of that, neither of those games are doing poorly, they arent doing 2m in the first day, of course, but they are selling fine. cod5 definitely should be off, based on critical opinions, and definitely replaced by either lbp or r2. both of those titles are BIG, and definitely a better buy than cod5. hell, imo they should have left on fable2 as well, as they have 2 rpgs, and i htink fallout offers more than fable.

they should have at least tried to spread out the game genres a little bit, they have 3 shooters and 2 rpgs on that list. not everyone plays shooters and rpgs. lbp should be a definite addition for the platforming genre.

Spydiggity3399d ago

haven't played LBP...looks like a fun a kiddie sort of way.

did play R2 though...have it...i regret getting it. it is actually worse than the first one and, in a lot of ways, doesn't even look as good. still fun, but i wouldn't recommend anyone buy it. just rent it.

this list seems pretty accurate to me.

don't know about COD though...i'm so sick of them releasing a new COD every 12 months or less. we've had 4 COD in 3 years.

i can definitely vouch for Left 4 Dead though. i got it for PC and i've played through each scenario a few times and i can't get enough. it is so much fun to play with 3 other ppl. and fallout 3 is game of the year if you ask me. they did such a great job with that game.

BaSeBaLlKiD7213400d ago (Edited 3400d ago )

my choice for top 5 games this christmas is...

Gears of War 2
Resistance 2
Call of Duty 5
SOCOM: Confrontation(the issues will be fixed by christmas and it will emerge as 1 of the best online shooter)

happyface3399d ago

even ps3 owners aren't buying lbp and r2, they'd rather buy Call of Duty and Tomb Raider

lol that you'd think they would be top 5 games? get real kid they are flops

0verdrive3399d ago

again, they are not flops.

if you are referring to commercial "flops" then you should put left4dead on that list too, its "only" sold a 1/4m since it launched. and r2 just launched this week in eu, the biggest ps3 base. you obviously have absolutely no idea what a "flop" is, so shut your pie hole, fanboy.

heroicjanitor3399d ago

They keep calling great games flops... Do you want a great game or do you just want microsoft to say they love you over and over again? When you see an ad for gears does it make you feel warm inside? Morons hype is all you have to go on and just because 360 games get hyped and advertised more, thereby selling more, doesn't mean they are better. Just try and like the good games, not the hyped mascots...

Spydiggity3399d ago

come on now. nothing ever gets more over hyped than ps3 games.

lbp was supposed to be the wave of the future for gaming and sell a billion ps3s. resistance 2 was supposed to be the greatest shooter on console ever.

and yet the results were hardly anything worth bragging about. this isn't even about opinion, this is about the fact that you ps3 fanboys hype your games to the point where they have no choice but to be amazing. then they come out and they're good...but not great.

i definitely don't think those titles are flops, but they are nothing great and shouldn't be high on a "must have list."

and to the fanboys talkin against the 360 fanboys. shut up, seriously. i'm so sick of one fanboy accusing another of the same crap they pull. you are no better than each other. who cares which major corporation you support...neither side is using logic in their views. it's just a bunch of unfounded claims and accusations. fanboyism reminds me of religion. buncha people who don't have a clu, trying to make claims based on their faith...their misinformed opinion...their ridiculousness.

the top 5 list will never be more than the titles you are interested in. if you don't want to play the best zombie game since resident evil, don't buy left 4 dead. if you like to buy a franchise that comes out year after year and never makes many changes, get COD or madden. you can spend your money how you want.

in my own opinion, that list is perfect except for COD. i would definitely replace it with metal gear solid 4. however, that game has been out since the first half of the year and i can understand why it's not included on the list. and if we are including first half games, we should probably include GTA as well. AND since Bioshock came out this year on ps3...that should probably get an honorable mention.

Information Minister3398d ago

"come on now. nothing ever gets more over hyped than ps3 games."

*cough*Halo 3*cough*

And will someone please explain to me why some random guy's opinion is considered news?

ultimolu3398d ago

"even ps3 owners aren't buying lbp and r2, they'd rather buy Call of Duty and Tomb Raider"

FUD at it's finest. I have R2 and Little Big Planet and I'm a PS3 owner.

Again happyface, have you played these games? If not, then you are in no position to call them flops!

I'm starting to think 360 fans don't really know what a good game is and depend heavily on metacritic to dictate their choices of what's a flop and what's not a flop.

Sad. *sighs*

Narutone663398d ago

who buys defective console and defend it to the death? MS should have done a massive recall. There's truth to the phrase "Blind xbox fan boys".

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Spike473400d ago

will be fixed and turn out to be one of the biggest multiplayer shooters.

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