Neocrisis: Black Friday Kills, literally

Neocrisis: A little less than 24 hours ago, a Walmart employee was killed at a Walmart in Long Island, New York. The employee was a 34 year clerk. He was stampeded to death at 5am yesterday.


It is currently unconfirmed weather the baby died or not. Some people tell us it died, while others say its alive. We just do not know who is correct.

From NY Post: The chaos that led to a rampaging mob storming a Long Island Wal-Mart - and trampling a worker to death - erupted just after a pair of police cruisers pulled from the parking lot, witnesses said yesterday.

"Once they left, it started getting rowdy," said Jason Ortiz, 32, who came from East Flatbush in Brooklyn to get an early jump on post-Thanksgiving Day shopping. "The crowd got restless."

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shadowghost7523521d ago

Man that is bad, sympathies to his family

SaiyanFury3521d ago

That is bad. Everybody's obsession to get a deal can be pretty sad at times. Trampling a guy just to save a few bucks. Best wishes to his family, of course chances are they'll never read this.

shadowghost7523521d ago

@ saiyan

i agree people can be animals at times it is pathetic that really that people can resort to such barbaric actions just so they can save money,

iamtehpwn3521d ago

to their step? For christ sake.
A Penny over a soul any day for these people.

BattleAxe3521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

Only in the good old USA. People get so stupid over saving a few dollars, its ridiculous. If I was the manager of a department store I wouldn't want a "rioting" crowd crashing through the doors causing mayhem all throughout the store like that. People fight over cabbage patch dolls and tickle me stupid.

Its like watching people fight over food rations in Somolia. Like a bunch of animals.

JBaby3433521d ago

Just sickening. I honestly can't bring myself to understand the whole black-friday thing anyway. This is just terrible. Those New Yorkers man. J/K. This kind of thing happens all over the world unfortunately.

Tomdc3521d ago

what I think is even more pathetic ithe title to this story...

trying to add a witty title to storys like this is just disrespectful.

The Killer3521d ago

but what saddens me more is that this killing is not a big deal to me u know why? because i hear entire families die, women die, pregnant women,women get raped, women lose all their supporters and sometime have to become prostitute just to save their lifes and their children,young teenage girls get raped/killed/sold, old men die, young men die, children die most of the death r from bombing coming from the sky or combing coming from the ground or just being in a place at a bad time! i just met iraqi boy around 18 and he lived in Baghdad and he told me once he was going to the shop to buy some food and on the way he passed by his friends house and few minutes the shop he was going to exploded, if he didnt go to his friend he was a goner!!

all killing with not right reason is bad, and all the people should feel sorry for any killings of innocent even if its not from their country!!


there is really something wrong with this world right now! something must have went wrong long time ago and the past 100 years we r seeing the results!!!

since when there was mass genocides? since when people with different believes started to to do mass genocides on others??
why there is genocides in afrika?in asia? in europe? in america? since when all these killings started? i know that in long history such things happened but it happened very rare, much rare then the last and this century!!

but i think i have the answer to this, it is because of the companies/countries that have trillions of dollars, and i am pointing at the west and firstly america!! america is the leader of the world why they dont stop these things? why even r they contributing with the genocides? did the Babylons/ancient egyp/rome empire/muslims/except with the mongolians(they did one genocide in beghdad and killed 1 million at that time) did what the west r doing now?

the west r the ones leading the world now! and just look at whats happening to the world!! i think atheism and capitalism and Zionism is behind all these genocides!!

to those who disagree please share ur thought with me.

Wile3521d ago

what is disrespectful? For decades the friday after thanksgiving has been called black friday and/or boxing day! Are you trying to suggest something?

lordgodalming3521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

@Wile: I think he was referring to the "kills, literally" part of the title because "kills" can be used to describe really high sales too. I think everyone here can agree that what happened is terrible and sad.

However, if you want to be really upset about someone being inappropriate, go read the first forum post on the actual article. Talk about disrespectful.

@The Killer: I respect that you're trying to bring some thoughtful political discussion into these forums, but your arguments come perilously close to simple propaganda. I mean, "i think atheism and capitalism and Zionism is behind all these genocides!!" Maybe look those things up before you go throwing them around. If you still think they're the reason for genocide in the world, then at least have some detailed arguments to back yourself up.

SPECTRUX3520d ago

this is what makes me lose faith in humanity

cRaZyLeGs 933520d ago

Omg i was lookin at this on youtube yesteray, I thought it was ages ago!

Kriller3520d ago

"One death is a tragedy. A thousand... mere statistics."

The Killer's rant in a single line. Thought I'd save you the trouble.

SaiyanFury3520d ago

@ The Killer

There's a lot of reasons that people die. This particular article is to recognize the guy that was killed by mob mentality at this particular Walmart. We all know that there's a lot of wrongs in the world, but please don't bring politics to an article that's merely trying to recognize one, single man.

Alvadr3520d ago

Im utterly disgusted by those people. What really gets me is that people will still behaving like animals, trampling through, even though the paramedics were there trying to save his life.

Makes me sick, these people will know who they are and I hope they dont get a good nights sleep again knowing that they contributed to the death of a human being for a discount on a digital camera.

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jazzking20013521d ago

It is really scary what people will do to save a few bucks.

Magic_The_Celt3521d ago

it makes me sick, just sick to my stomache.

i mean whats gonna happen now? who do they charge? is it murder?

shadowghost7523521d ago


unfortunately it will probably be just manslaughter as there is a high cahnce that you can't work out which foot actually killed him, they should all go down for murder though

Magic_The_Celt3521d ago

f*cking hell

i mean holy jesus christ, this is so sad.

poor poor guy, my prayers are with his family.

nycredude3521d ago

They are prosecuted and do some time for this. If not then I hope they either died a horrible death or go to hell for eternity!

JBaby3433521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

You couldn't really prosecute or even arrest anyone mostly because it wasn't a single person and you would have a tough time proving who stepped on him and who didn't not to mention which one actually killed him.

In the end though God will sort everything out but I don't want them to go to hell for it. Christ forgives, so can we.

CrippleH3521d ago

Actually they are trying to find who started it and look for evidence on the camera.