The 10 Most Important PC Game Studios

"The PC used to be the platform of choice for players interested in experiencing the latest and most advanced role-playing games, first-person shooters, and real-time strategy games. However, the last decade has seen a steady stream of talented PC game development studios redistributing their talents and energies to the world of console gaming. While companies like BioWare (Neverwinter Nights), Epic Games (Unreal), and DICE (Battlefield) continue to make PC titles, their focus has undeniably shifted toward the more lucrative Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 markets.

But it isn't all doom and gloom for hardcore PC gamers. There are several developers that remain quite dedicated to the Windows platform. Ten of them are listed below, along with the means by which they will contribute to the PC gaming industry in the near future..."

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Timesplitter143374d ago (Edited 3374d ago )

''Blizzard Entertainment
What they've done: The Diablo games, StarCraft, World of Warcraft''

Why just WoW? Why didn't they mention the real Warcrafts? They were much more important to PC gaming than WoW.

Also, where the hell is Epic games and why the hell is Turbine games there? As far as I know, UT and UT 2004 were in the ''last decade'' and LOTR games weren't exactly big.

moysesb3374d ago

Right, a list of the "ten most important PC Game Studios" that doesn't include id Software...

Perjoss3374d ago

yeah you know, they only INVENTED the first person shooter and stuff.

Feemee3374d ago

The article is about the 10 most important studios to the future of PC gaming, not the ten most historically significant studios.

Epic was once important to PC gaming, but, as the author points out, it has switched its primary focus to console gaming. CB has even admitted to doing most of his gaming on consoles these days.

id was once important as well, but they have done little lately and the only thing they're working on right now, according to wikipedia, is a Wolfenstein remake. Same old, same old.

Stardock seems a strange request for a list of the most important PC game studios...

evrfighter3374d ago

agreed, this is about PC studios contributing today, not game studios who have contributed over the years. If you feel like ID and Epic belong on the list look around the UT and Quake/Doom community forums. They aren't exactly thrilled that ID and Epic have shifted to consoles with the excuse "PC gaming is Dying! zomg pirates!"

In my opinion this argument could be put to rest for good if valve, EA, Direct2Drive released their digital sales figures. The NPD figures are horribly skewed (sales are based off boxed units only) because these are never included. I myself havn't bought a boxed game in a couple of years because steam is just that good.

TheIneffableBob3374d ago (Edited 3374d ago )

Stardock is an important game studio. They're constantly pushing the PC gaming platform and they drafted the Gamer's Bill of Rights.

Perjoss3374d ago

Crytek boss already said that the most important information missing from their company is the tech specs for the playstation4, so I dont know how devoted to the PC platform they are these days.

emazzuca3373d ago


No Bethesda?

No BioWare?