PSP homebrew - G-stion'R V5

Here's the full changelog for G-stion'R v5, translated from the original French via Google Translate:

* Ability to listen to music in the menu of its PSP and the submenu to stop the music press square and round to break
* Implantation of homebrew-Calculator and PSN Messenger
* Adding a complete use of G-stion'R V5
* In "dump the umd", "usb memory card", "usb flash0", "usb flash1", "usb umd", the CPU is set to 333.
* Added the option part (save a password, start the homebrew start the psp ...)
* Add-8 icons in the menu
* Exit-In the game, adding "Watch".
* Adding new-music format readable (mp3, Aa3, ogg, wma, wav)
* In your text you can open a text file or write a lua and inside
* As many correction presentation and other improvements that I let you discover

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