PSP Homebrew - BakonICE v1.4 - better button response times, speed enhancement, more

Homebrew developer NoEffex has once again released an update for BakonICE, bringing the SOCOM: US Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo 2 cheat device for the PSP up to version 1.4. Here's the complete changelog:

* Menu response time for buttons heightened, but the flickering is up a little bit on some psps, depending on overclocking or not, what other plugins, etc%u2026
* Modified the thread priority on the UI thread (when it%u2019s used) to a much lower value
* 3.71 support bumped up high on my imaginary todo list; looking into it
* Booted up my LCS UMD and notice BakonICE still loaded; forgot a check when I redid the threading, fixed
* Like, every function that%u2019s been there from the start revisited to the point of me not wanting to list all of them
* Due to above and below, speed enhancement, lower RAM consumption
* Menu input functions revisited (and optimized)
* You can edit your current animation in the UI
* The keyboard in the main BakonICE menu now edits your imposter in the animated name
* The freeze stripper now does not strip the color text, but strips literally anything else with brackets, because freezing other people is very cruel

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