TGR's Holiday Wishlist

The TGR staff members aren't immune to this fervent season of gaming, and have already figured out exactly what we'd like to see under the tree (or wherever else one might find gifts) this year. We're telling all of you not only to offer some insight into our tastes and what is looking good as the year draws to a close, but also because we secretly hope that someone will send us everything listed on the following pages...

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cain1413490d ago

A lot of great games on those lists...

Nick27283490d ago

It's nice that Fallout 3 made it onto so many of those lists but rather surprising that Prince of Persia didn't make it onto more. The game is getting such a fresh new look I'd have thought there would've been more excitement.

italianbreadman3490d ago

This looks like it's shaping up to be one heck of a holiday season...