One Shots: The Keep calls

Massively: We love the new instances in Northrend. Now, normally we show off screenshots sent in to us here at One Shots, but we're down to staff-only shots at this point. As such, we're showing off a screen that was forwarded to this blogger by the leads from our sister site WoW Insider. The original submitter, Richard, said that he'd be thrilled to see the WoW Insider team use this as a small image for a Utgarde Keep post, but the Leads decided it was such a great shot that it would be best to show it off at full size. As such, you get to enjoy today's World of Warcraft image, showing one of Northrend's hottest destinations, sent to us (indirectly) from Richard!

One Shots is about community, so why not show off what you've been doing in your favorite game? We could use lots of screenshots from lots of different games, so pick your favorites and email them to us here at oneshots AT massively DOT com.

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