GamersTemple: Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 review


"The graphics are bright, exuberant, and crisp on high settings, and even tolerable on low settings meaning you can play on almost any kind of rig. The music in the background and cues during play don't stand out, but the voice work and sounds of war reward you for turning up the volume. The online is great, as usual for any quality RTS, but most interesting is the co-op feature present at any time during the campaign. Just pop in and team up with a friend to complete any level, and since all levels are designed with an ally it makes for some extended playing value beyond a solo play through of the game. It's a nice feature, but unless you amp up the difficulty these can be fairly one-sided for the more skilled player.

C&C: RA3 is a polished, clean, and prime example of what makes real time strategy games still fun. This game covers all you want from a RTS and even throws in an entertaining story that is nicely presented. Your life won't be changed from playing Red Alert 3, but you will miss out on a charming and fun RTS experience."

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